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Three Reasons NOT to Have A Business Aircraft! ...After all- it isn’t as though they are a necessary business investment- is it? With a crisis- we tend to re-evaluate our situation and focus in on what's important. That goes both personally and professionally. Given that globally- the economy is in crisis mode- I thought I'd apply that rule to aircraft and give you some reasons why you shouldn't own or operate aircraft for your business. If you answer yes to all three- then your course is clear! REASON 1 A business aircraft saves too much time. Time is a non-renewable resource. In Latin- the phrase goes ‘Tempus Fugit’: Time Flies. Why use the aircraft to be in several places during a short amount of time? What's the use? Showing your commitment and concern to your business- your clients- and your employees by making the most efficient use of this most limited resource will not pay off. Productivity is overrated! REASON 2 Business aircraft save wear and tear on valuable employees. Next to customers- employees are the most difficult part of running a business. If keeping motivated- highly productive employees and top executives were important; we'd look for ways to keep the aircraft busy helping these employees get- and keep customers. As it is- these folks are overpaid. They don't bring in new business- make the company profitable- or add value. Given the unemployment rate- you can always find another intelligent- honest- motivated senior executive to run the division- company or operating site. These folks are like laptop computers - replaceable. So let them languish on the road rather than being productive- and happy! REASON 3 Aircraft allow you to meet with your customers more often. In poor economic times- your customers don't have any money. Why work hard to maintain that personal relationship? We've all heard stories about how business down cycles do inevitably turn positive and that those companies who work smarter in keeping their current customers tend to flourish when things get better. Do you really believe all that business school lecture fodder? GOT THE POINT? In being sarcastic- I'm trying to say that a well-chosen- well managed business aircraft is not a luxury- but a necessary investment in the current and future success of a business. It can be a Cessna 172 for a small firm or a global jet for an international firm. The right aircraft can help the right people retain the right customers to both create value and ensure future growth. During these down times- we all must carefully evaluate what is important to the future success of our companies. The business aircraft can be one of those important tools. Sometimes- you just need some help in justifying one. David Wyndham is an owner of Conklin & de Decker. The mission of Conklin & de Decker is to furnish the general aviation industry with objective and impartial information in the form of professionally developed and supported products and services- enabling its clients to make more informed decisions when dealing with the purchase and operation of aircraft. With over 1-800 clients in 90 countries around the world- Conklin & de Decker combines aviation experience with proven business practices. More information from www.conklindd.com; Tel: +1 508 255 5975

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