The TCE in Charter

Business Aviation travel is a no-hassle, comfortable method of getting around the world efficiently and fast. But successful trips are only as good as the quality of the trip planning.

Mike Vines  |  01st November 2014
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It is difficult to get a handle on the percentage cost of trip handling within the equation of a charter or privately managed air travel to make a mission successful. This is why many people are gravitating to management companies - it gives them a single source of contact, even though there is a cost that goes with it.

Reducing cost is always of paramount importance, and ideas to consider could include flying from a different nearby airport rather than the one nearest to your base, it might be a lot cheaper. Hartley adds, “We’re very aware of differing airport fees, flight fees, slot fees and all are factored into our equation and are things that we track with historical data.”

Also, be aware of special events occurring around the time of the trip. Hartley examples a London airport at the time of the Olympics when aircraft parking could cost around $6,000 per day against a more normal $1,000. At the World Cup finals in Brazil, parking fees went from a reasonably low number to pre-payment only of $3,500-5,000 per day. “The Sochi Winter Olympics were incredibly expensive, when tens of thousands of Dollars in pre-payment was required just to secure an arrival slot,” said Hartley.

Trip Cost Estimation can save money especially if you are flying into one of the 200 most popular Business Aviation airports around the world. “It varies on the complexity of the trip and the complexity of the pricing structure but also depends on whether we already have the data required or whether we’ve got to research deeper,” says Hartley. “If it is within the 200 airports which account for 80-90% of the GA operations around the world and we have that historical data, we can turn the estimate around within the day.”

Charter companies are usually in more of a rush to get a TCE as very often they are bidding for trips on behalf of their customers. In a highly competitive market, companies want to find good margins and they need a cost estimate fast to get the bid in as quickly as possible. “We don’t generally look to discount a particular trip or leg to drive costs down - we try to be competitive on pricing and keep our service quality standards up,” concluded Hartley.

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