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Airborne LINX is an ingenious merger of system components for airborne surveillance, developed by Airborne Technologies. It provides the basis for cost efficient and user-friendly mission solutions and makes a surveillance platform out of any aircraft, rotary or fixed wing. Airborne LINX is now available for large helicopters. Pictured is the EC145 of the MOI Kazakhstan.

Key features:

  • Aviation expertise gained in practise for use in practise
  • Certified aircraft modifications & mission equipment installation
  • Keep it simple - reducing the information flow to the essential
  • The Operating Software, developed by Airborne Technologies, enables intuitive operation of the sensors and systems on board


Airborne Technologies - Mission Management Unit - Core Element of Airborne LINXMission Management Unit – Core Element of Airborne LINX


High Tech Working Environment

Key features of the tactical workstation:

  • Fully customizable
  • Installed on quick release plate for easy removal
  • Full HD Touchscreen Monitors
  • Data/Voice/Video Recorder
  • Integrated Mission-Management-Unit
  • Integration of Tactical Radio


Airborne Technologies - Tactical WorkstationTactical Workstation


Usage of Modern Materials

Endurance always matters. The consistent use of Carbon Fibre Composite Technology for brackets and components enables weight savings, ensuring the maximum possible endurance.

In-House Innovations

An on-going dialogue with our customers inspires our technical team and forms the basis for tailor-made and innovative solutions.

Airborne Technologies - S.C.A.R.-Pod- ISR capabilities for every aircraftS.C.A.R.-Pod: ISR capabilities for every aircraft




MI: Visit us at www.airbornetechnologies.at 


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