High quality “made in Germany”

The Aquila A 210 is an innovative all-composite VLA two-seater “made in Germany”. It is a comfortable tourer with long range and high cruising speed. Also, the Aquila A 210 is an ideal trainer and a comfortable workplace for flying instructors.

The Company
The plane is designed and manufactured by the German company AQUILA Technische Entwicklungen GmbH, located at Schoenhagen airfield south of Berlin. Development of the Aquila A 210 started in 1995 and the successful maiden flight took place in 2000. Short delivery times can be chieved. The EASA-licensed company regularly carries out maintenance and overhaul jobs as a Part 145 maintenance facility for all composite aircraft types.

Aquila A 210 - Description
The Aquila A 210 is fully type certificated under CS-VLA by EASA and the FAA. It is a proper aeroplane with excellent flight characteristics. The quality of finish, high standard equipment, the remarkably spacious cockpit and the completely glazed canopy are impressive. The plane offers comfortable flying for tall pilots and has excellent all-round-visibility. It is full of clever, practical design features, with plenty of elbow room in the cockpit and a roomy and easily accessible baggage compartment with a lockable separate side door. Two folding bikes can even be stowed in the aircraft baggage compartment! The AQUILA-edition of German “Birdy” bike can be delivered with the same colour scheme as the aircraft. The total payload is up to 250 kg. The machine is quiet, with enhanced noise reduction and the operating and maintenance costs are low.

There are two joystick controls and very efficient adjustable seats with inertia reel belts. The aircraft has electric trim and a variable pitch propeller driven by the economical 100 hp Rotax 912S engine. The engine operates on both unleaded mogas and avgas. Fuel consumption in the cruise can be as low as 17 litres/ hour.

Handling is effortless and the Aquila A 210 has an impressive speed of 130 knots. The fuel capacity (120l / 32 gal) offers an impressive range (1,150 km/ 620 nm), which makes it a great touring machine. At the same time, its robust construction, traditional instrumentation and systems, steerable nose landing gear, general ease of operation and super, safe handling make it an ideal trainer. The aircraft Aquila A 210 with standard equipment costs EUR 121.000,00 (net), ex-works Germany.

Aquila A 210 - Equipment
AQUILA offers customers an individual customised aircraft. Customers can choose from a large selection of colours and additional equipment variants. The exterior finish is in white or cream. The interior can for example be painted dark grey or beige. Customers can also choose between a blue, brown or green tinted canopy or a transparent one. There are many different exterior colour schemes.

The standard avionics equipment includes instruments by Honeywell Bendix/King. Alternatively avionics by Garmin can be ordered, as well as various GPS/Moving Map systems, like the German Flymap L.

Market Developments
Interest in the Aquila A 210 is strong. Its “state of the art” design and construction gives a good market potential with demand from Germany and abroad. Thanks to the innovative features and performance, the Aquila A 210 is unrivalled throughout the world. More than 75 aircraft have been built and sold. The Aquila A 210 is very popular in Germany, France and Austria with flying clubs, flight schools and private owners. Several aircraft are flying in Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Aquila A 210 is a newcomer to the British scene, already 5 aircraft have been sold to British customers. Because of the EASA and FAA type certificate it is no problem to validate the Aquila A 210 in other countries. Contact Information To contact AQUILA or the distribution partners for an individual offer and to arrange a test flight – please see contact details opposite.

Aquila A 210 – Specifications
Bombardier Rotax 912 S 1,500 hrs TBO
Cylinders 4
max. Takeoff power 100 hp
Propeller 2-Blade hydraulic Constant-Speed
mt-propeller MTV-21-A/175-05

Length 7.3 m 24 ft
Height 2.3 m 7.5 ft
Wingspan 10.3 m 33.8 ft
Cabin width 1.2 m 47.24 in
Baggage compartment 500 ltr 18 cuft

Weight and Capacities
Empty weight, typical 500 kg 1,103 lb
Max. Take-off weight 750 kg 1,654 lb
Useful load 250 kg 551 lb
Max. Baggage Weight 40 kg 97 lb

Fuel capacity
(EURO 95 unloaded/ 100LL) 120 ltr 32 gal (US)

Aquila A 210 – Performance
max. permissible speed 165 kts 305 km/h
max. Level speed, MSL 130 kts 240 km/h
Min. speed 43 kts 80 km/h

Performance at 55% 5,000ft (+ 45 min)

Range (+ 45 min Res.) 620 NM 1,150 km
Endurance (+ 45 min Res.) 6:05 hrs
Fuel-Flow 16.6 ltr/h 4.36 gph
Rate of climb, sea level 750 ft/min 3.8 m/s
Service ceiling 14,500 ft 4,450 m


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