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 Bell 429

Bell 429 cockpit and cabin


As part of our continuous product upgrades, the Bell 429 has recently received type certification from Transport Canada to operate with an increased load up to 8,000lbs., adding an additional capability of 500lbs.

Innovation is at the heart of the Bell 429 light twin helicopter.

The use of metallic and composite parts in its construction creates the perfest balance between rigidity and flexibility, safety and durability. An advanced avionics and systems monmitoring suite ensures outstanding maintainability and aircraft readiness.

The powerful and reliable Bell 429 serves the full spectrum of segments including air medical, law enforcement, oil and gas, utility, and corporate.


 Bell 407GXPBell 407 GXP in flight

The Bell 407GXP intergrates reliabilty, speed, performance and cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads.

Its spacious cabin has five-club passenger seats with an additional passenger seat in the cockpit in single pilot operations.


 Bell 525

Bell 525 airborne

The Bell 525 Relentless, featuring the ARC Horizion flight deck system, provides unpallalled crew situational awareness through the use of a fully intergrated avionics flight deck coupled with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system, resulting in enhanced safety levels and mission capabilities.

Bell 505

The Bell 505 is a newly developed five-seat aircraft focused on safety, efficiency and reliability through the use of advanced technology. The new helicopter will be multi-mission capable with exceptional performance characteristics.

Orange Bell 505 in the sky

Bell Helicopter Logo


MI: www.helx.co.uk 

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