Diamond's DA42 MPP - A Powerful Surveillance Solution

Diamond's DA42 MPP Guardian is a versatile, powerful and cost-effective surveillance solution

AvBuyer  |  01st June 2016
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With a DA42 MPP you have an approved and certified remote sensing system at your disposal. Easy to integrate into a strategic, constantly available service – a significant advance over most current capabilities.

The Multi-Purpose Concept

Tomorrow's mission is different than yesterday’s? No problem for the Diamond Aircraft remote sensing platform.

Fast deployment, long endurance and flexible payloads are critical to an ISR capability. The DA42 MPP Guardian offers extreme range and endurance, enabling missions of up to 12 hours. Fully certified for various multi-functional aerial sensors, makes the DA42 MPP ideally suited for surveillance. Mission kits can be mounted on specific hard points located on the nose and belly of the aircraft as well as in the cabin and nose luggage compartments.

One-Stop-Shop / Turnkey Solution : Acting as a one-stop-shop, Diamond Aircraft will tailor your fully certified remote sensing platform to your specific needs. We provide you with quality, service, convenience and value, allowing you to focus on your business.

DA42 MPP Guardian global operation : Diamond Aircraft Industries provides aircraft sales, complete integrated sensor solutions, training and global support to a fleet of more than 100 DA42 MPP aircraft in 28 countries worldwide.

Listen To Our Satisfied Customers:

"Diamond-Executive Aviation (DEA) believes the Diamond DA42 MPP provides a unique and world class solution to the problem of operating a wide range of sensors on a highly cost effective and reliable modern platform. DEA’s experience over 15 years with Diamond DA40 and DA42s shows them to be highly reliable, robust and tolerant to both ground handling and pilot related issues. The safety record and operational service record of the DA42 in DEA’s experience has eclipsed the expectations that both DEA and our partners have experienced in other similar size platforms. I know that I personally would not fly in any other twin piston engine powered aircraft.“

Peter Bondar, CEO and Accountable Manager DEA


MI: Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, Phone: +43 2622 26700 1317


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