Waco Aircraft: Making Flying Dreams Come True

Discover how WACO Aircraft have been helping pilots fulfil their aviation dreams with the new production of the YMF-5 series single piston aircraft. It's a labour of passion, love and craftsmanship...

AvBuyer  |  19th July 2019
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Waco Aircraft Jacobs Engine

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Discover how WACO Aircraft have been helping pilots fulfil their aviation dreams with the new production of the YMF-5 series single piston aircraft. It's a labour of passion, love and craftsmanship...

In 1935, when the WACO YMF-5 first saw the light in the so-called “golden age of aviation”, it soon became clear that this biplane would rank among the finest of its decade. This was an assessment that’s remained true to this day. Only about half a dozen of the original version have survived, mostly in museums.
Almost 50 years later, in 1983, the WACO Aircraft Corporation was founded, and has dealt exclusively with the new production of this icon of aviation history from that time through to the present. The idea was a complete success right from the very beginning.
Almost 200 aircraft have been built at WACO Aircraft Corporation since 1983, each individually equipped to customer specifications. A main argument is that owners of a WACO can rely on the advantages of a brand-new construction while maintaining the classic look.
Of course, the suitability for daily use of the new aircraft compared to the original historical one differs considerably. The maintenance-free corrosion protection of the tubular steel fuselage construction promises a long service life. Currently WACO aircraft fly worldwide and every single customer is proud to call a WACO YMF their own.
Waco Aircraft YMF-5F Amphibious Airplane
New Style: As Elegant as Always

Since 1983, the aircraft has been handcrafted again in series, based on the original construction plans and approvals. Since then, it has also been steadily improved. The enlarged cockpit, the larger payload and the extended range ensure even greater comfort.
The newly built WACO YMF-5 is one of the most exclusive aircraft of its kind, possessing a unique combination of craftsmanship, quality, performance and design. The range of applications extends from touring and sports aircraft, to commercial passenger transportation (possible thanks to full FAA/EASA Certification).
Waco Aircraft YMF-5 Large and Elegant Cockpit Design
 The cockpit design: As a standard, all cockpits are equipped with ADS-B In and Out. Pictured above is a version with maximum equipment, including autopilot and IFR-certified
In addition to its elegant design, this meticulously handcrafted aircraft also represents a valuable investment. Although the aircraft are newly built, they are always recognized and welcomed at classic fly-ins.
Today, the proven and true design is handcrafted with the most modern and select materials. Individual wishes of customers are taken into account right down to the smallest detail. And since 2018, WACO offers the YMF-5 F model with amphibious floats by Aerocet, extending the range to water use.
An absolute unique selling proposition for the open aircraft is a three-place cockpit. Being able to carry two additional passengers allows a wide range of applications – such as sightseeing flights or engagement gifts…
Waco Aircraft YMF-5 Two Place Passenger Birth
 Three-in-one: To be piloted in an open cockpit, two people next to each other flying in the sky - this is unique and can be experienced in a WACO. Share your own enthusiasm with your friends. Control and cockpit equipment can also be integrated into the front cockpit as required...
In addition to night flight certification, the WACO is also qualified for instrument flight with the corresponding instrumentation and is approved for basic aerobatic manoeuvres. Trust in WACO’s know-how and in the fully FAA/EASA-certified aircraft will broaden your flying horizon.
Waco Aircraft - Dreams Come True
The engine hums away sonorously. It smells like nature, freshly cut grass. The sun is shining in my face and warm air flows around my leather jacket.
On my right hand side below me the river meanders, a boat sails on it. The captain waves and I fly a circle around his small sail. I am in the midst of the vast landscape and feel free at last – the freedom to move in the three dimensions.

A look to the left – the backdrop of a farm – illuminated by the setting sun. A few propeller revolutions later I land on the meadow next to the farm.
A soft touchdown, engine-swith off and the propeller stops after the last idling turns. It’s absolutely quiet – and then the feeling of happiness...
Later, around the campfire, we review the day and fine-tune the plan for the following day.
New experiences, new emotions over and over again –

Selected 2019 Model Focus:

2019 Waco YMF-5D (Super IFR)

Beside all the advantages of WACO’s VFR version, this model is additionally approved for instrumental flights and comes optionally with an autopilot:
  • Standard-equipped for VFR Night & Day, IFR
  • Full deluxe leather interior, heating system
  • ADS-B In & Out Standard
  • Advanced Garmin touchscreen GPS and avionics, ADS-B weather & traffic
  • MT fixed or constant-speed propeller
2019 Waco YMF-5F

The new standard for a maximum of flying fun and range of application: A true allrounder, the YMF-5F represents the ultimate combination of a land and sea biplane.
  • Equipped like our WACO YMF-5D (VFR) but with Aerocet 3400 amphibious floats instead of the conventional landing gear
  • ADS-B In & Out, Garmin GTX-345
  • Advanced Garmin touchscreen GPS and avionics with electric Garmin G5 horizon
  • MT constant-speed propeller.
Waco Aircraft - Thomas Schuttoff Head of Sales for EuropeThomas Schuttoff, head of sales for Europe, has been fascinated by WACO aircraft since he was a child


  • Luxurious 2-place passenger compartment with heating in front and rear cockpit
  • New aircraft, new tooling and modern safety features
  • Advanced Garmin touchscreen GPS, Dual Garmin Comms and ADS-B In and Out
  • Approved for private and commercial flight operations as well as for basic aerobatic manoeuvres
  • Jacobs R755B2 engine, 275/300hp @ 2200 RPM, 1,400 hrs TBO
  • MT fixed and constant speed propeller
  • Available as wheeled and amphibious versions

Wing Span, Upper30ft 0ins (9.14m)
Wing Span, Lower26ft 10ins (8.18m)
Length Overall23ft 10ins (7.26m)
Height Overall8ft 6ins (2.59m)
Weights and Loadings

Empty Weight

(Standard Equipped)

1,985lbs (900kg)

2,100lbs (945kg)

Baggage Capacity75lbs (34kg)
Gross Weight2,950lbs (1,338kg)
Useful Load850lbs

Never Exceed Speed214mph (186kts)
Cruise Speed115mph (100kts)
Stall Speed/pow.off59mph (51kts)
Fuel Standard48 US gal (182ltr)
Long Range Tanks72 US gal (273ltr) (option)
Fuel Consumption14 US gal/hr (Vcruise)
G Limits+5.2/-2.1 @ 2,950lbs
 Representation for Europe:
Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG - hello@wacoaircraft.com
More information from www.wacoaircraft.com
Read the latest GA Buyer Europe digital edition

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