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EVEKTOR Sportstar RTC – New Standard in Flight Training

Evektor has announced a new standard in pilot training for flight schools. The new Evektor pilot training airplane the SportStar RTC is combination of excellent flight characteristics- low operation costs- modern design and affordable price.

Modern Design- EASA JAR-VLA Origin
The SportStar RTC airframe comes from the Evektor´s pilot training airplane called Harmony- which gained the EASA JAR-VLA certification early 2005. The SportStar RTC is progressing EASA certification as a derivate from Harmony JAR-VLA. On the other side the flight schools will benefit from the latest development and innovations of the Evektor´s LSA model the SportStar MAX- which was the very first aircraft in the world type approved by FAA in the US S-LSA category and is worldwide popular for private flying and basic pilot training in LSA flight schools today. As all the Evektors´airplanes also the SportStar RTC has an advanced all metal airframe with all joints riveted and also bonded providing high durability and long service life. The SportStar RTC has outstanding performance parameters- useful load up to 260 kg and range 1300 km / 750 nm.

Training Airplane with Superior Cockpit Comfort
The SportStar RTC luxury cockpit with amazing 1-18 m(46.5”) shoulder room provides spaciousness and superior cockpit comfort. Students in flight schools can enjoy the same comfort level as private customers buying the airplane for cross country flying.

Low Operation Costs and Easy Maintenance
The airplane was designed from the very beginning with low operation costs and easy maintenance in mind. The SportStar RTC is powered by reliable and low operation costs Rotax 912 (100 HP) benefiting also from low cost and availability of unleaded automotive fuel. The average fuel consumption is 15 l per hour and operation costs are almost half in comparison to conventional general aviation training airplanes.

Excellent Flight Characteristics of a Great Trainer
The SportStar RTC has excellent flight characteristics- stability and outstanding control harmonies. Excellent flight characteristics were proven also in series of spin tests showing the airplane ability to control spins. For its flight characteristics and control harmonies the LSA version of the SportStar RTC gained “Aircraft of The Year” honour from AeroNews Network (ANN).

Operation Reliability Proven by Flight Schools Worldwide
The LSA version of the SportStar RTC is operated by great number of flight schools in USA- Canada- Australia and other countries all around the world. The SportStars are operated also from unpaved and grass airfield- in different climate conditions of the world and in different training regimes. Outstanding operation reliability has been proven on fleet of over 1000 airplanes manufactured by Evektor- Aerotechnik so far.

First Deliveries in II.Q/2011
The first deliveries of the SportStar RTC are scheduled in May/2011 after completion of EASA certification. The airplane will receive Restricted Type Certificate based on EASA CS-LSA certification basis and can be operated for PPL training and glider towing under VFR conditions.

Evektor-Aerotechnik is one of the world´s largest manufacturers of advanced UL and light sport airplanes with 40 years experience in aircraft manufacturing- EASA certified aircraft production- fleet of 1.000+ delivered airplanes and sales network in 40+ countries worldwide.


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