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The Best - Selling LSA in the World

The first decade of the 21st century will unquestionably enter the history books as an important milestone in the sphere of general aviation. After a series of long debates and discussions, the European regulator has come up with a systemic solution for European sports aviation.

The introduction of the category LSA is a genuine revolution, one which will have a significant impact on producers, pilots and the whole of the aviation community.

GA pilots will now have an attractive alternative, and will now be able to fly modern aircraft meeting stringent demands in respect of style, elegance, as well as offering comfort, modern avionics and maximum safety ensured by BRS – all of this underpinned by low operating costs and a long service life.

The dream of owning an airplane and complete independence is becoming reality. Finally you don’t have to lower your sights and reach a compromise by buying an ultralight. Now you can fly a proper aeroplane without restriction and limit for half of the cost of GA planes.

So just as Europe is now without barriers, so your flying can be, and you can open up completely new horizons which you have not yet even dreamed of.
Our company has carefully monitored the situation on the European market and has chosen 2009 as the year to enter the European market for LSAs and offer an aircraft in a class of its own - the SportCruiser.

Since 2006, when the first generation of SportCruiser had its debut in the USA, the plane has spread to all continents suitable for sport aviation. Now European customers will also have the opportunity to see why the SportCruiser has been awarded the title of Best LSA Design Worldwide for the last three years.

The modern construction created of top-class aviation materials at the Mecca of the Czech aviation industry in Kunovice by specialist experts with many years of experience is a guarantee of outstanding quality and the long service life of our products.

The production operation of three serial lines with an annual capacity of more than 500 planes, and the strong financial backup provided by the majority shareholder, the foremost Central European financial group Slavia Capital, makes of Czech Sport Aircraft a market leader in the sphere of LSAs.

SPORTCRUISER Specifications
Sporting Luxury
The SportCruiser is designed to be eminently flyable, enjoyable and particularly affordable. Sporting fantastic visibility, the all-metal, low wing, on just little money, is destined to be the No.1 selling light sport aircraft worldwide.

Low Operating
Costs Cruising is effortless and quiet at 125 mph (201 km/h) with the smooth running Rotax 912 ULS sipping around 4,5 U.S.gal/hour (17liters/hour). The variable pitch prop option improves on the already impressive fuel consuption and cruise speed. With relaxed cruising and superb visibility, you can use the full 5 hours range to make those trips you always dreamed of.

Excellent construction Design, construction and finishing is driven by our concern for excellence.

Visit us at the Aero Friedrichshafen trade fair (Apr 2-5), or on our home ground at the AeroExpo Europe Prague event (May 22-24). You can also fly here at your convenience, and see for yourself why our company is the world premier LSA manufacturer.

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