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Aleš Kremen Woodcomp company is based in the Czech Republic- just outside Prague- the national capital- in the immediate vicinity of Vodochody international airport at the following address: Kremen Woodcomp- Vodolská 4- CZ 250 70 Odolena Voda. Since 1989- the company has been actively designing- testing- manufacturing- and selling aircraft propellers- and currently- it has 35 employees.

Thanks to its production capacity- broad product range- and most importantly- thanks to top reputation of its UL products- the company became one of top producers of propellers not only in Europe- but worldwide. Approximately 1-500 propellers for aircraft and wind turbines are manufactured each year.

Existing experience with production and operation of “small props” led our company to expand its reach also to civil aviation sector- and this new trend supported by extraordinary economic results has been supported by extensive EU funding.

Our company already holds multiple certifications (DOA- POA- testing- EASA type permits) necessary for development- production- and sales of propellers for planes operated within Normal category up to 5700kg MTOW. Based on our experience with development- production- and sales of propellers for ultralight planes- new KW range of three-blade composite- fully automatic- hydraulically adjustable propellers has been coined.

Existing experience with production and we have our own production facilities and organization- regularly audited and supervised by EASA. All production is handled by us- without external suppliers. We have complete development and technology facilities at our disposal- without the need to cooperate with external parties. Individual production operations are performed on last-generation CNC machinery- using modern technology and the most up-to-date materials.

Our HR policy resulted in stable- highly qualified team of employees. Their experience- professional abilities and personal qualities are the key to the safety and security of our products.Out company does not use transferred technologies- nor foreign patents. All our products and technologies are the result of our own design and development organization- or of ooperation with renowned Czech design and development experts. This forms the base of our successful designs- progressive manufacturing technologies- and their utilization in mass production.

Competitors have certified their propellers 20 or more years ago; they continue to use outdated technology - e.g. manual application of laminates with repeated grinding and final spraying of lacquer with loose tolerances. K emen Woodcomp company has developed and is using new technology - vacuum lamination in special molds. This production method achieves tight tolerances (to 1/100-th of mm). Moreover- no lacquer used on modern propellers can withstand the loads which gelcoat withstands. Blade materials used by our company combine beautiful looks with exceptional technical properties.

We offer blades with highly resistant and solid surface in carbon design or color finish. This new development has been made possible by advances in materials and technology. Thanks to precise dimensions- resulting blades run without vibrations and resonances. Our company carefully evaluates the results of our own testing- as well as practical experience with our products; we also study and monitor competitor’s products and the history of propeller production in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

Product Range and Certifications
Currently- we are manufacturing 80 propeller types in 150 variants. Fixed wood propellers are the simplest type. All our propellers have extraordinary appearance- combined with composite materials. Leading edges are always protected from impacts by composite or stainless steel layer. Our propellers are suitable for modern and vintage aircraft as well. All our fixed wooden propellers have EASA type certifications and can also be installed on type-certified planes up to 5700kg MTOW. We also manufacture groundadjustable and in-flight mechanically- electrically- or hydraulically adjustable propellers with multiple blades.

Constant speed SR propellers (in-flight adjustable) are among our most successful types. We have sold more SR 3000 threeblade constant speed propellers than anyone else in the world- gaining several European and World speed and endurance records in the process.

KW propellers- intended for installation on planes up to 5.700kg MTOW- are in-flight hydraulically adjustable constant speed propellers. KW-10 are certified up to 310HP and can be installed on Experimental category planes today. KW propellers with 340HP rating are now being certified according to EASA CSP.

Why you should use Kremen Woodcomp propeller?
Our broad range of modern propellers brings you the following advantages: Our propellers have modern design with carbon surface- with very long operating life. Use of modern profiles increased propeller efficiency- and use of new materials reduced propeller weight.

All our propeller types include leading edge protection- which can be replaced indefinitely. Unique design of KW propellers allows transport to the customer in a small package. This helps to keep transport costs low.

We consider the price of our propellers as one of their most important qualities. Our customer gets fair price/performance ratio. Our reasonable prices have been made possible by utilization of highly effective semi-automatic production- funded by European structural funds.

We support marketing and sale of our products by creation of service centers worldwide. Our company currently operates 29 service branches. Their employees have been professionally trained and equipped with technology for adjustment and repair of propellers- as well as with stock of spare parts. This guarantees regular and timely service- or repair- of propellers operated by foreign customers. Thanks to close relations between service branches and our company- we have detailed knowledge of local environment (be it hot or cold climate)- and we are also able to react to customers’ needs quickly. We guarantee replacement of our propeller blades worldwide within 14 days.

Documented testing of technical and safety parameters is core activity for our company. We have built a test facility for propellers as a part of our development and certification process.

Our company therefore has test and development facility- allowing us to research and develop new products- as well as to perform production and operation testing. We have developed vast range of testing equipment- methodology- and procedures. Our facility fully covers EASA CSP process from laboratory tests through engine tests up to flight tests- using our Extra 330 plane.

Our test facility has been certified according to CS rules- certificate # L-3-079.

Company premises Production process SR 3000-3 KW-10 Certificates Test room - engine stand with rotating propeller Test triangles Test Extra 330 WOODCOMP s.r.o.Vodolska 4- 25070 Odolena Voda Czech Republic Tel. 00420 283971309 Fax.00420 283970286 E-mail : info@woodcomp.cz Skype : jiriholoubek

More information visit – www.woodcomp.cz

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