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Steve Noujaim has been awarded the Britannia Trophy for achieving the fastest flight time from London to Cape Town and back in his Garmin G900X equipped RV7 single engine propeller-driven aircraft: 65 hours. To achieve this he relied totally on Garmin avionics- which guided him safely through dust storms- wild weather and total darkness. Here’s his story:

I joined the Royal Air Force in 1983 and qualified as a flying instructor and examiner while piloting the awesome F4J Phantom for 74 Squadron based at Wattisham. I have always been ambitious to achieve new goals to complement my current occupation as a commercial airline pilot flying an Airbus 340 around the world.
I fly with Garmin avionics and always have done. From my earliest days as a fighter pilot- Garmin avionics have proved to be the most reliable in the industry- plus the after-care is invaluable.
The Cape Challenge was extremely demanding- so the Britannia award means a great deal to me. I flew the 12-500 miles in my RV7 with the Garmin G900X on board- which was critical to its success. The Synthetic Vision gave me an incredibly accurate air picture of the terrain I was flying over- especially in total darkness over Cameroon. It enabled me to avoid the ground- while my WX500 stormscope display kept me out of the worst weather – and out of trouble.

What’s my mission? I am always looking to the next goal and would like to fly 500km across the UK in my glider – needless to say fully equipped with Garmin GPS!

Jonathon Whaley- former Royal Navy FAA Fighter Pilot turned display pilot- keeps a steady hand on his Hawker Hunter fast jet called Miss Demeanour. Clocking up speeds of 600 knots- Jonathon relies on his Garmin G500 systems to provide the sort of spatial awareness required for split-second decision-making in the skies. Here’s his story:

My family- friends and business colleagues understand that for me- flying is the part of my life against which everything else is measured. The desire to fly is my earliest memory. I always knew I could fly- so any flight training I undertook merely represented a box-ticking exercise to satisfy the authorities. Flying is simply the element I feel most at home with- and one I delight in sharing with others – whether flying with them or by way of aerobatic displays. It doesn’t matter what type of flying machine I’m piloting either: I have experience of every type of aircraft from fighter jets to microlights.

In flight- your 3D environment is complex- crowded and sometimes hidden. Information must be available intuitively- and presented coherently. Garmin avionics do this and more- becoming part of the pleasure of flying. Garmin’s level of simple sophistication used to be the dream of cockpit designers for the likes of Airbus and Boeing. Now it’s a reality available to you and me.

My mission is to continue to fly fast jet aerial displays in Miss Demeanour. Come and see us at the Bournemouth and Shoreham Air Shows at the end of August – you can’t miss the blazing colour scheme of my Hawker Hunter.

Most pilots have lofty ambitions. For Mike Ramsden that involves the repatriation of critically ill or injured patients for specialist care in the UK. Mike flies King Air 200 air ambulances across Europe- at short notice and in all conditions- relying on pinpoint-accurate navigation systems provided by Garmin. Here’s his story:

I have been passionate about flying since I was a boy. Like most airmen- the allure of becoming a pilot has been ever-present. It was my highest goal as a lad and my greatest achievement as a young man. Flying gives me an acute insight into how I’m performing from one day to the next. I can’t think of another job that could be as satisfying. Nearly every flight has something to teach me: whether about flying or myself.
Garmin avionics have been part of my flying career since the outset. Starting with a small GPS V handheld- I graduated to a GPS165- then came the GNS 430 and 530- and now I fly several aircraft all equipped with the full suite of Garmin avionics. Switching between them is effortless- and Garmin’s global support network provides an incredibly efficient service.
What’s my mission? I fly air ambulances for CEGA- which I regard as a huge privilege. I operate short-notice flights into airfields large and small across Europe- and work with some of the most highly-skilled medical professionals and ground support personnel in the business. For my mission to be successful I depend on Garmin avionics: the GNS 430/530- GTX 330- radar- traffic- communications- plus a back-up GPS 695. They are a joy to operate.

Could this be you? Tell us about your mission:
We want to know about you and your Garmin flying experiences as well as your passion for flying. You could win a Garmin aera 550 and become the next face of our marketing campaign- alongside Mike- Steve and Jonathon.
Complete the online form by 30 September 2011 and the winner will be selected and notified by 15 October 2011.

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