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Mined from far below ground- processed and melted into shape. Tested and found suitable to process- designed with skilled engineering and craftsmanship. Formed from pieces and parts- once brought together- it can take you up into the sky with ease.

Yes. In a way- this still is magic. Even if we have done so for centuries of metal processing- from tools and weapons to steam engines- ships and cars to aircraft- metal still is protective- safe and loaded with experience.

It can be pretty- if engineering meets taste. It can be breathtaking- if engineering meets finesse and style. But it is always ... safe and strong.

It‘s metal. We know how it reacts to stress and that‘s why metal aircraft are developed right to the point. The Breezer is one of these. Safe- handsome and stylish. If you talk about German cars- we soon talk about “Fahrvernügen”. The same marketing machine would call it “Flugvernügen” but it’s a lot more.

What’s the point of the Breezer? One more in a rather defined market? Yes! Because it does what you expect from a German engineered product.

1. You can buy it “Made in Germany” and they really produce every singe aircraft in Northern Germany- close to the Danish border. It’s just the Rotax engine coming from elsewhere as instruments- the BRS and maybe tyres and brakes. What keeps you in the air and what produces the very unique look is all made over there in the marshlands of Northern Frisia.

2. Need 250 kg load? Really? No kidding? Here it comes. No funny weight reports. Right to the point.

3. “Flight safety”. It’s the balance of action and reaction. While cruising pretty fast at economical 105 kts- she is offering no surprises when it comes to slow speeds. Just take her down according to the books and you will see perfect touch-downs- one after another. She knows cross-winds from the rough marshlands in the North. When talking to the Absolute-Aviation team- we were soon finished with the aviation basics-the numbers and spec figures.The talk soon switched to an unexpected subject.

Aviation lifestyle?
Yes. Sort of. Just walk into a standard hangar and check out the later models. Not the club workhorse. The Cirrus- the Corvalis- the DA50- the Tobagos. You name it- they show it. Brilliant. Advanced. Safe. But would you just check weather and watch- pull her out of the hangar- do a pre-flight and just fly around a little to clear your head? Just a 30 minutes coming and going trip to have a coffee with friends? You have earned it after the globe story or VFR to Oshkosh. This is the friendly aircraft story. Flying and handling with ease. No tricks- no pain- just enjoy the fact that she is available- she can do it- she wants to do it and she lets you do it with ease.

The simplicity of sophistication.
This sounds like the key to the understanding of this particular group of aircraft or the Breezer in particular. It’s not about the last knot- IFR and de-icing. It’s really about real flying again- short airfields- safe characteristics- great visibility and the firm knowledge- that flying is part of your life just like a motorbike would be or the rare convertible you keep restoring for years. Light Sport brings back simplicity and ease to our sport and people start - re-start - enjoying it and the Breezer brings the subject of style into the current discussion. Stylish- elegant and still safe and handsome in flight.

Talk to Absolute-Aviation and listen to their arguments. They make their living from commercial flight and complex aircraft and regular car fuel at regular car fuel prices and only 15-20 litres per hour.

Hey- when “we” started to fly?
You are right. In most cases this is a long time ago and it’s hard to pull other people into flying. A Breezer combines elegance and engineering- that could attract a young banker to step into aviation- to be part of HIS lifestyle. Face facts- a modern SEP will never solve urban transport problems. Never. But it has always been and will always be thrilling- real fun- challenging- rewarding and satisfying beyond imagination.

Light Sport - REAL Aviation!
Get your test ride either in Germany in the factory or with Absolute-Aviation in Gloucestershire Airport- Cheltenham- and you will understand the hype. Go for it!

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