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Cirrus Aircraft and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.- Ltd. (CAIGA) confirmed towards the end of June that the two companies have completed their merger. With the previously announced merger now finalized- Cirrus Aircraft- one of the leading general aviation manufacturers- joins China's leading general aviation product and services company to form a worldwide general aviation enterprise.

'We're very excited to have joined forces with CAIGA-' said Brent Wouters- Cirrus President and Chief Executive Officer. 'This partnership will benefit our business and our customers; we share with CAIGA a vision of worldwide growth. CAIGA has the resources that will allow us to expedite our aircraft development programs and accelerate our global expansion.'

Wouters also said that he expects the merger to deliver benefits in terms of jobs and job growth in the United States: 'Our partners at CAIGA understand the strength and the talent of Cirrus's workforce who have made the Cirrus brand so successful and prominent in the general aviation marketplace. CAIGA will continue to invest in our employees and in our world-class production facilities in Minnesota and North Dakota.'

“We are very impressed with Cirrus’ performance in the global general aviation industry' said Meng Xiangkai- CAIGA president. 'It has a very strong record of consistent product excellence- comprehensive safety features- an outstanding management team and a highly skilled workforce who operate from advanced production facilities. We look forward to working with Cirrus’ management team to build upon its success and to expand production volume to further cement Cirrus' leadership position in the global general aviation industry.”

Cirrus Aircraft Co-Founder Dale Klapmeier said the completion of the merger was an important milestone in the company's history: “This is a very positive development that allows us to continue our mission to develop and build the best- most exciting aircraft in the world. Through our merger with CAIGA Cirrus will continue to lead the industry in bringing increased safety- performance- and comfort to the general aviation community.”

Known for incorporating luxury automotive ergonomics- pilot-friendly avionics and advanced safety features into its high performance airplanes- Cirrus has delivered nearly 5-000 new piston airplanes over the last decade. For nine years in a row- the Cirrus SR22 family of aircraft has been the best-selling four-place airplane in the world. Cirrus pioneered the use of the FAAcertified Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ that is standard equipment on all Cirrus aircraft. About China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.

AIGA Headquartered in Zhuhai- Guangdong Province in China- China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.- Ltd. (CAIGA) is a leading solution provider in the general aviation industry of China. As a company with diversified shareholders- CAIGA controls four listed companies in China and the total revenue in 2010 reached US$2.9 billion. Its main businesses include the R&D and manufacturing of light piston aircraft- turboprop aircraft- jet- amphibious aircraft as well as their parts & components. It also provides services including general aviation operations- pilot training and aviation clubs.

More information visit - www.cirrusaircraft.com.


New PilotPak
- Affordable Aviation Databases

Garmin one of the leading global companies in satellite navigation and Jeppesen- a leading provider of aeronautical charting and navigation services- have launched PilotPak™. This product is a new bundle pricing programme for databases on select Garmin panel mount avionics. PilotPak provides a more affordable single aircraft pricing structure and simplifies the database purchase process by offering a onestop shop experience.

“Garmin and Jeppesen are continuing to make it easier and more affordable for pilots to keep their aviation databases up-to-date-” said Gary Kelley- Garmin’s vice president of marketing. “We know that pilots depend on these databases for safety and convenience- and we’re pleased to work together to offer customers a single and comprehensive purchase and support solution.”

PilotPak provides all the databases within the selected package to be used with any combination of GTN™- G600- G500- G500H and G3X installed in one aircraft- all for a single annual price. Each bundle option includes Garmin’s popular SafeTaxi®- Obstacle- Terrain and Airport Directory- and customers are able to choose between bundle options that include Jeppesen NavData- Jeppesen JeppView and/or Garmin FliteCharts®.

With a PilotPak Standard Americas subscription- a pilot can enjoy 20 percent savings on databases for a single GTN or 60 percent savings with the inclusion of a G500 when compared to purchasing annual subscriptions to each database individually. When Garmin’s FliteCharts are included- the savings on databases for a single GTN 750 amount to over 30 percent and when combined with a G500- the customer saves over 70 percent. Whether a pilot has one or more of the qualified avionics- they pay a single- affordable price for the selected package.

The databases have been bundled into several different packages:

For details of the Lite- Standard and Standard with Garmin FliteCharts PilotPak options are available from
The Standard and Standard with Jeppesen JeppView options are available at www.jeppesen.com/gtn

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