How StandardAero Propels Heli Equipment Development

With a fresh portfolio of helicopter support services and the recent success of its crash-resistant fuel tank, the opportunity to advance future support offerings to the helicopter industry has never been greater for StandardAero...

AvBuyer  |  02nd October 2018
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Recently certified StandardAero Crash Resistant Fuel Tank

With a fresh portfolio of helicopter support services and the recent success of StandardAero’s crash-resistant fuel tank, the opportunity to advance future support offerings and introduce emerging technologies to the helicopter industry has never been greater.
For more than a century, StandardAero has been known as a leading provider in aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul services, and the company’s expertise when it comes to the popular Rolls-Royce M250 engine is, in essence, synonymous with its name.
Since joining together with Vector Aerospace in November 2017, however, the new StandardAero has substantially expanded its portfolio of helicopter airframe, component and turboshaft engine services, now encompassing a broad mix of airframe and engine platforms.
StandardAero’s comprehensive tip-to-tail capabilities for Airbus Helicopters’ H125/AS350, AS355 and H130/EC130 family serves as the cornerstone of its recent and ongoing growth.
StandardAero’s Vancouver shop has provided expert MRO service to customers operating Airbus helicopters for more than 30 years, and continues to expand its offerings with new repairs, unique capabilities and expanded coverage.
“We have over 100 repair schemes, extensive airframe and engine capabilities and, as of late last year, are now able to provide OEM-approved dynamic component repair support to Airbus operators worldwide,” said Manny Atwal, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for StandardAero’s Commercial Helicopter Services.
Safety at the Forefront

In addition to its prime capabilities in airframe, engine and dynamic component maintenance and repair, StandardAero has proactively placed safety at the forefront of its business as well, with the Airbus AS350 and EC130 platforms serving as a launching pad for future solutions.
The company has invested ample resources into the development of new, innovative Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) solutions that are geared towards increasing occupant safety, with the recently introduced crash-resistant fuel tank at the head of the pack.
In June of this year, StandardAero received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the crash-resistant fuel tank, developed in partnership with Robertson Fuel Systems.
With a unique design that features a crash-resistant fuel bladder, magnetic field sensor fuel gauging technology and a recessed sump drain valve, the StandardAero AS350/EC130 fuel tank kit is the only retrofittable solution that meets the current FAR Part 27.952 fuel system crash resistance requirements.
Upon receiving EASA certification, Rick Stine, President of StandardAero Components, Helicopters & Accessories commented that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and EASA approvals evidenced that the “industry as a whole is keenly focused on making safety enhancements a reality.”
Now, with the overwhelming success of the crash-resistant fuel tank, from research and development, to certification and entry into service StandardAero is setting its sights on continuing STC development initiatives that will introduce new technologies and enhance occupant safety for both legacy and production aircraft.
StandardAero Crash Resistant Fuel Tank Front View
StandardAero Crash Resistant Fuel Tank
The SAFECRAFT Portfolio

These new technologies make up what StandardAero calls its SAFECRAFT portfolio, which includes both STC’d and currently in-development solutions. The suite of SAFECRAFT technologies includes:
  • Low-cost ADS-B transmitters by leading avionics manufacturers Garmin and L-3 which not only meet, but exceed pending regulatory requirements, with both In and Out functionality;
  • Powerline detection, icing detection and collective cueing systems, developed in partnership with Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, all of which reduce pilot workload and enhance effectiveness;
  • A high-resolution, high-contrast electronic flight instrument upgrade in partnership with Astronautics that provides greater reliability and situational awareness;
  • The Outerlink IRIS solution for cockpit voice and video recording, and essential real-time flight data monitoring;
  • BLR’s FastFin tail rotor enhancement and stability system, which uses advanced airflow management to increase the effectiveness of the anti-torque system;
  • Energy attenuating seating that will provide optimum occupant protection for crew and passengers; and,
  • A lightweight, Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)-compatible autopilot solution for improved “eyes out” flying.
The format of the SAFECRAFT portfolio is designed in a manner that will allow operators to select items based on their individual aircraft configuration, mission requirements and budget. StandardAero plans for new technologies and options to be added to the portfolio in response to customer demand and future regulatory requirements.
“We have developed strategic, key partnerships with a number of industry-leading companies that we believe share our commitment to safety and quality. Each of these new technologies complement our retrofittable crash-resistant fuel tank and we look forward to bringing those that are in development to market to better serve our customers and our industry as a whole,” concluded Atwal.
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