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Everyday thousands of international flights land all over Europe. Since the outbreak of ZIKA, European authorities have been in close contact with the WHO and taken measurements to minimalize the spread of ZIKA. However, since the beginning of 2016, some European countries reported several cases of ZIKA virus infected persons coming back from trips to South America or the Caribbean region.

Therefore, some EU Member States drafted more stringent disinsection requirements. Some require aircraft disinsection not only on aircraft coming from affected areas, but on all inbound flights. Some EU member states (e.g. Italy) oblige to have your aircraft treated before you enter the state - even if you fly a single engine piston and from a country with a low zika risk.

Are Aircraft Insecticides used for Private and Business Aviation? The answer is YES!

Furthermore, it is not just commercial flights that should be sprayed - business and general aviation are also targeted to be treated according to the disinsection requirements that have been prepared for commercial aviation.

To prevent the spread of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases (ZIKA, Malaria,...), which can cause disease in humans, plants and animals, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises the use of aircraft insecticides to carry out disinsection treatments of aircraft coming from affected areas. Aero-Sense developed Aircraft Insecticide formulations according to the WHO recommendations on 'Aircraft Disinsection Insecticides'. These products are used according to one of the WHO recommended techniques for aircraft disinsection: Pre-flight, Blocks Away, Top-of-Descent or Residual Treatment.

Aero-Sense is the market leader in Europe for de-icing and anti-icing chemicals in the field of General and Business Aviation, and now also offer Aircraft Insecticides developed according to World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

Aero-Sense Aircraft Insecticides are based on the WHO approved active substance 1-R trans phenothrin and/or permethrin. The different formulations are available in different aerosol can sizes (40g, 60g, 100g) and can be supplied with a one-shot or multi-shot actuator. For general and business aviation, we recommend the product ASD 40g aerosol. These small sized cans are excellent for use in smaller aircraft.Aero-Sense Image2


Aero Sense Products:

AeroSense is the market leading in Europe for de-icing and anti-icing chemicals. Their product range also includes interior and exterior cleaning products and accessories.

De-icing and Anti-icing chemicals and equipment:

  • TKS AL-5 DTD406B de-icing fluid
  • ICE-5 (DiEGME) fuel system icing inhibitor
  • Grandi-U2 runway deicer (Sodium Formate based)
  • Grandi-U5 runway deicer
  • Aircraft de-icing equipment solutions for general and business aviation aircraft

Aero-Sense Image3

Exterior and interior cleaning chemicals:

  • Aircraft cleaning detergents
  • Navigation screen cleaners - AMS 1534, AMS 1535 and Boeing D6-17487 certified
  • GMP avionics, instruments and screen cleaner
  • Wet & dry navigation screen cleaning wipes
  • Interior cleaners: hard surface disinfectants, hard surface cleaners, carpet cleaning detergent, aircraft toilet/waste tank sanitizer,...

Aero-Sense Image4


Aero-Sense Image5

About Aero Sense

Aero-Sense is a Belgium based company established in 1997 and started with the production of TKS deicing fluid and GA aircraft cleaning chemicals in 2007. Business increased with the expansion of the production facilities, warehouses and up-to-date laboratory facilities in a short space of time. offering a wide range of certified and aviation approved products, production, packaging and labelling is according to European Health and Safety regulations. All deliveries come with the technical data sheets and certificates.

The company's motto - "your reliable partner in aviation chemicals" - says it all, standing up for top quality products, client first service and worldwide on-time deliveries!

The fast development and expansion of the business has led to the relocation to a new premises, with larger warehousing and office facilities. It is strategically located with easy access to the highway, and Roeselare Sea Port next door. Very close to Kortrijk (EBKT), Osten (EBOS) and a one hour drive from Brussels (EBBR) Airport, which makes a perfect central location for deliveries throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The ambition of Aero-Sense is to continuously improve the quality of deliveries and customer service. Based on a yearly customer satisfaction survey we are trying to collect feedback and suggestions for improvement. This customer satisfaction survey is an important part of our quality management system in order to renew the ISO certificate.

Recently Aero-Sense have joined Facebook to share information about new product developments and news related to the aviation industry. Like and follow them on Facebook to find out about their latest news and interesting promotions.

MI: www.aero-sense.com

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