How Will Aero-Sense Help Pilots This Winter?

At this time of year pilots need to think ahead, stocking-up on de-icing fluids and anti-icing additives. How is Aero-Sense preparing to meet those needs, keeping pilots safe during the winter flying season?

AvBuyer  |  17th October 2018
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Winter flying preparations

At this time of year pilots need to think ahead, stocking-up on de-icing fluids and anti-icing additives. Aero-Sense offers insights into how it prepares to meet the needs of its customers, keeping them safe during the winter flying season...
According to the old proverb, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. While nobody actually plans to fail, some things are easily overlooked or forgotten.
Luckily, most pilots are sensible and are aware that winter is quickly approaching. When Autumn draws to an end, they act accordingly. In doing so, they check their stocks of de-icing fluids and anti-icing additives and make some quick calculations on how much product they will need to get through the upcoming season of icy flying.
And that’s where Aero-Sense comes in…
On behalf of pilots, Aero-Sense needs to be one step ahead and starts planning months in advance. Long before any mention of the first frost features on the morning news, Aero-Sense is increasing its production, stockpiling for the busy season ahead.
Barrel after barrel of TKS de-icing fluid is produced, and countless pallets of anti-icing additive are stacked in the warehouse. Granular runway de-icer is distributed into 20kg bags and piled onto pallets.
Meanwhile, a couple of intermediate bulk containers of Type I de-icing fluid fill the remaining space within the de-icing section of our warehouse. And so, Aero-Sense is all set and fully ready to receive your winter flying orders!
Aero-Sense TKS De-Icing Fluid
Thinking through Orders

Yet, while preparation is key, it’s not everything. When the orders start to arrive, Aero-Sense likes to think those orders through with the customer. While the company would love for pilots to order the top-quality products, of greater importance is that customers are happy with their purchase and the service they received.
A happy customer is a returning customer, right?
So, often, after a request for quote Aero-Sense customers receive some additional questions or suggestions.
For example, a customer asking for 600 litres of TKS in 200-litre barrels might be asked whether barrels really would be preferable to 20-litre cans that can be shipped for the same total amount on one pallet instead of two. Or, if barrels are necessary, customers could be asked whether an order for 800 litres is worth considering, since an additional barrel fits on the second pallet that the customer is paying for anyway.
Aero-Sense is also happy to suggest buying a little less to better serve a customer’s purpose. So, if ordering two 20-litre cans fewer will make your order fit onto a half pallet, Aero-Sense is committed to telling you so. Moreover, the savings in freight will be reflected on your invoice.
Neither you nor Aero-Sense control the weather, so your usage really doesn’t depend on how much Aero-Sense sells you. If you’re happy, Aero-Sense is happy.
Aero-Sense Grandi-U2 de-icing
The Aero-Sense Promise

Aero-Sense remains committed to top quality products and responsiveness. To maintain its high standard, the Quality department keeps very close watch over production. Each batch is carefully analysed so that all parameters (filtration, viscosity, freezing point, pH value, etc.) are closely respected.
Additionally, Aero-Sense strives to always answer your questions and process orders within one working day. When matters are urgent, Aero-Sense is clear about what it can and cannot do. Communication is key, and customers will remain informed on the process. That’s the Aero-Sense promise.
Aero-Sense Turbine Fuel Additive
Current developments

Having considered the past (preparation), the present (thinking orders through and maintaining customer service quality), there’s one thing left: the future, specifically development.
For a company to stand still is for that company to fall behind. So Aero-Sense is constantly looking for future opportunities. Having recently expanded its cleaning product range by adding aircraft insecticides, Aero-Sense didn’t rest on its laurels, and has been busy with the registration of its ASD aircraft insecticide. The product now holds a Swiss registration number alongside the Belgian approval already obtained.
In the meantime, our ASD product formulation, based on 1R-trans phenothrin, is now the subject of a product application (for Union Authorization) under European Biocidal Production Regulation (EC) N° 528/2012 (Case number BC-DX037393-17). Once approved, it will be the only aircraft insecticide in the world to hold a registration for the entire European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
Furthermore, Aero-Sense did its part in protecting the environment, recently changing the propellant in its aircraft insecticides to an ozone-friendly alternative. After all, no change is no progress.
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