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View the King Air 350 for sale by JetBrokers UK

For all aircraft entrusted to us by the owner to sell, our expert sales team follow the same time-tested techniques that help us sell aircraft quicker than the market average. JetBrokers has sold over 700 aircraft to date. Our sales process begins with personal service.

A JetBrokers aircraft sales team member will visit your aircraft and evaluate its condition and maintenance history before considering advertising it for sale. During the visit, the log books are examined page by page to build up a picture of the aircraft and its past life.

All avionics equipment is listed and photographs are taken to create full specifications and marketing materials. Only after getting our hands dirty looking over your aircraft to clearly understand its worth, JetBrokers is finally ready to put the aircraft on the market.

At JetBrokers your aircraft isn't simply advertised online and in print. Although advertising is a very important part of what we do (see examples of JetBrokers ads in the latest edition of GA Buyer and also on AvBuyer.com) to garner the widest possible audience for your aircraft-we reach out to our network of industry colleagues and private buyers as well promoting your listing on social media and JetBrokers' website.

[caption id="attachment_88960" align="aligncenter" width="600"]King Air C90 for sale View the King Air C90 for sale by JetBrokers USA[/caption]

Our dedicated sales team in the UK covers continental Europe. We have representative offices in Switzerland, the Middle East and India. Our US colleagues provide extensive coverage of North America including a team member who specializes in Mexico.

Working with aircraft owners to accurately price their aircraft for sale, starts with marketplace research. By providing ongoing feedback to enquiries received about the aircraft, pricing expectation and other aircraft sales, JetBrokers continues the marketing process until the aircraft is sold.

The secret to JetBrokers success in the general aviation marketplace it is our intimate knowledge of both the aircraft we are selling and the marketplace for the aircraft. Hard work and research are the key to our success.

Once a buyer is found for the aircraft, JetBrokers stays with the aircraft from the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) all the way through to delivery to the new owner.

Our attention to detail ensures smooth and successful transactions. All this effort must come at a pretty steep price, right? No. JetBrokers gets paid when we sell your aircraft. This ensures that our goals and yours are truly aligned. Our business model ensures that aircraft owners get the best price for their aircraft in the right timeframe.

JetBrokers excels in selling aircraft and helping our clients buy the right aircraft. Clients use our services to navigate a safe path around the pitfalls that await an unwary aircraft buyer. From initial aircraft viewings to technical log reviews, JetBrokers helps out in many ways including organising a suitable PPI, sourcing insurance quotes and finding hangar space.

The services we offer to piston engine aircraft owners is exactly the same as the services we offer to turbine engine aircraft owners.

If you are looking to sell your aircraft or are thinking about your next acquisition, give us a no-obligation call. It's worth repeating-JetBrokers doesn't charge a single penny up front, we only earn a fee if our sales team sells your aircraft.

[caption id="attachment_88991" align="aligncenter" width="600"]View Piper Meridian for sale by JetBrokers View Piper Meridian for sale by JetBrokers[/caption]

JetBrokers in the UK and Europe

JetBrokers UK is based at Biggin Hill airport. Home to numerous piston engine aircraft and historical warbirds, Biggin Hill shows its split personality by also serving as a gateway to London by hosting bright and shiny corporate jets. At JetBrokers we love anything that flies -so Biggin Hill is a good home for us!

Agusta AW109S Grand Helicopter for sale by Jetbrokers

View Agusta AW109S Grand for Sale by JetBrokers UK

Our UK sales team consists of Adrian Munday, Brendan Lodge and Stephen Mitchell. Stephen specialises in helicopters and Brendan is more than happy to talk you through how aircraft finance works and who might be best placed to offer you a loan.

Peter Collins is our very own experienced test pilot (Empire Test Pilot School, ex-RAF Harrier and Sea Harrier pilot, ex-Red Arrows leader) who has flown over 10,000 hours in 118 different types including gliders, fixed wing, rotary wing and military jets.

If you have a technical question about flying, Peter is your man. If you are interested in the Folland Gnat we have listed for sale, have a chat to Peter; ex-Red Arrows himself, he can give you the inside track on this wonderful example of British aircraft history.

folland gnat red aircraft

View Folland Gnat for Sale by JetBrokers USA

JetBrokers in North America

North America is where the JetBrokers story started back in 1993 and today the company, which is headquartered in St Louis has offices in Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Tampa. Recently Roberto Muniz was hired as VP-Sales for Mexico and Latin America.

[caption id="attachment_88974" align="aligncenter" width="600"]View Rockwell Commander 690B for sale by JetBrokers USA View Rockwell Commander 690B for sale by JetBrokers USA[/caption]

JetBrokers Around the World

JetBrokers has representative offices in the Middle East and India.

Current Stock

JetBrokers advertise in GA BUYER EUROPE and on AvBuyer.com where you will find listings for 29 aircraft worldwide including three King Air aircraft  - KingAir C90, KingAir 200 and KingAir 350, a Piper Meridian, a Turbo Commander, an Aviat Husky, a Beech Duke, two Cessna aircraft (a Cessna C210 and a Cessna C310) and an AW109S Grand helicopter.

If you would like us to sell your current aircraft or help you buy your next aircraft, we would be very pleased to talk you through our services in more detail. Thank you for taking the time to read about our company.

MI: Dan Grigg, General Manager, JetBrokers, [email protected]



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