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Mature, Simple and Easy to Maintain Aircraft

The sleek looking Sluka with the type designation LK-2H “grandfathers” back to the genuine Letov Sluka LK-2 Type Certificate, which was issued in the early 1990s. After a major touch-up allowing a comprehensive all-complete aircraft kit the TC was updated in 1994. No less than 50 of these aircraft have been delivered as factory built or kit. Today at least 25 of them are still flying and giving lots of fun to their owner.

AvBuyer   |   29th August 2017
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After two years of intense work we at Airhero have acquired the design, re-established the approved design data baselines of LK-2 and LK-2M and revised the design to the LK-2H. Today you can purchase the LK-2H as a 51% fast build kit or as a ready-to-fly aircraft compliant with the EASA CS-LSA. Our intent of revising the Sluka design is trifold:

  • Introduction of new technologies and new ways of doing things so that it is affordable and much simpler yet safer to home built this great aircraft.
  • Update the shape to address improvements in looks and performance.
  • Design a new propulsion unit to replace the not available anymore Rotax 447 engine for existing Sluka planes.

We left the core design pretty much unchanged to keep the well-known reliability and safety of the Sluka. We had also in mind that for the new Sluka friend the community of the present Sluka enthusiasts would be a great resource of experience by maintaining utmost commonality between the former models and the LK-2H.

 Due to the great commonality natural spin-offs are modification kits compatible with the LK-2 and LK-2M. We offer updates for the wing, new covers, the great performing composite wing tips, the sharp tail feathers from composite sandwich, a mount system for the custom packed Galaxy Parachute only to mention a few.

 Many details further improve usability and comfort for the pilot of the LK-2H, such as removable 30 litre fuel tank, better pilot seating position with adjustable pedals, new differential breaking system among those. The open cockpit provides the ultimate flying experience and contact to nature. The folding wing mechanism allows you to easily slim the footprint of your Sluka appropriate for road transportation on our dedicated trailer and for space efficient parking.

The maximum gross weight of 300kg (315kg with Rescue System) legalizes safe flight even for the big boys at full operational range.

The LK-2H is meant to be simple and cheap to operate and to upkeep. It is the best choice for all who want to fly for fun with minimum effort and cost. The single seat A license pilot finds a great asset in this cool aircraft.

MI : www.airhero.eu



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