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Over the years, Pooleys has become a well respected name in the Aviation industry as the leading manufacturer and publisher of Aviation, Pilot training and flight equipment.

In 1961, they opened their first Pilot shop at Elstree Aerodrome and in 1962 completed and published their first Flight Guide. By 1964, Pooleys had opened its factory at Cranfield, close to the famous Airfield and University. It is from this factory that most of the products in our catalogue are produced.Pooleys Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary Timeline 1

For 60 years Pooleys have expanded their product range and geographical reach. Now producing the worlds largest range of pilots kneeboards, flightboards & flight computers, they sell to over 100 countries worldwide, and supply companies and individuals on every continent including Antartica. They now have 6 bases across the UK at Elstree, Cranfield, Shoreham, Bournemouth, Lydd and Earls Colne. 2002 saw the opening of their first overseas base at Grand Central in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pooleys Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary Timeline 2


Pooleys believe that excellent customer service lies at the heart of their business and that their face to face approach underlines this. 2012 marked the 50th edition of the Pooleys Flight Guide, first published in 1962 and the launch of the digital edition called Pooleys iPlates.

In 2014, they launched the Pooleys flight Booking system, an online platform for flying schools to manage their aircraft, instructors and students.

In 2016, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II honoured Robert with an MBE for his services to Business and Aviation.

In 2017, the Pooleys eBooks app was launched, putting their books into the digital sphere.

Pooleys would like to thank those who have supported them for six decades – pilots, schools and enthusiasts. Much of what you see in Pooleys today is due to the passion and commitment of many people from around the world within our aviation community.

Pooleys Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary Robert Pooley

MI: www.pooleys.com

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