Preparing for Winter Flying: Don’t Leave it too Late!

Winter's coming and pilots throughout Europe need to be ready for the changing weather conditions. Aero-Sense provides a range of tips and solutions on how to stay safe and enjoy the season from the air...

AvBuyer  |  30th October 2019
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Aero Sense De-Icing & Anti-Icing Products

It’s that time of year again when “Aero-Sense” happily reminds you winter is fast approaching and that now is the ideal moment to stock up on TKS de-icing fluid and ICE-5 Fuel System Icing Inhibitor. Don’t wait until the last moment to prepare for your winter flying, make sure you order in plenty of time — before the cold actually hits!
While it is still quite true that this is the perfect moment to get your hands on our de-icing and anti-icing products to make sure your FIKI flights are carried out in all safety over the next few months, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some other import aspects of winter operations in general and business aviation.
Flying is the fun part of course, but aircraft owners, pilots, FBOs and MROs should not forget that there is a lot more to take into account for safe winter operations besides keeping your aircraft ice-free.
Non-corrosive Runway De-icing
A very simple basic principle, or “ground rule”, if you will (pun intended), is keeping runways and aprons snow and ice-free. While regular salt is still the most economical and ecological solution, in critical locations such as runways, it’s quite essential that safety comes first.
A non-corrosive runway de-icer is the best way to go to get rid of ice, snow and rime that has built up on runways and aprons.
Unfortunately, salt or other chloride-containing de-icers are not recommended to use for runway or apron de-icing due to their corrosive properties that may affect the body and structure of your aircraft. A good alternative is sodium formate based de-icing/anti-icing products.
Aero-Sense Grandi-U2 Runway De-icer
Aero-Sense Grandi-U2 Runway De-icer is such an alternative. It is a high performance sodium formate based and AMS 1431 certified runway de-icer that will not harm metallic surfaces, compared to road de-icing salt. The solid, irregular granules can be used for a curative (de-icing) and preventive (anti-icing) treatment.
The formulation contains corrosion inhibitors and is effective down to -18°C. Grandi-U2 Runway De-icer is available in 20kg bags or on 800kg full pallets.
Non-Corrosive General De-icing Fluid

Besides an ice-free runway and apron, there might be other areas or vehicles on the tarmac that might need de-icing treatments, such as trucks, cars, loading docks, machinery, etc. For these applications, a non-corrosive liquid de-icing liquid might be the perfect option.
Simply spray some non-corrosive general de-icing fluid, either diluted or undiluted, on the surface to de-ice and you need not worry about any cross-contamination of corrosive products.
Frostman De-icing Fluid is the ideal general purpose deicing fluid for these particular uses. It can be used for the de-icing applications mentioned above, but has many other, non-aviation uses, like the de-icing of railroads, decks of boats, windmill blades, etc.
Aero Sense Frostman 5lAero Sense Frostman 5 ltr
It is perfect for these applications because of its non-corrosive and pH-neutral nature, and because it is not harmful to metallic as well as painted, plastic, rubber and glass surfaces. Frostman De-icing Fluid is available in 5L cans, all through winter.
Keep aClean Aircraft

Last but not least, it is important to mention that good cleaning remains imperative in winter. Ice and snow build-up on the aircraft might be easily cured with the right de-icing product, but some dirt or oil, grease and exhaust gas stains might remain. These particles may influence the effectiveness of your de-icing product.
Keeping your aircraft clean is therefore a good way to guarantee that your other aviation chemicals work as they are supposed to. Of course we must add as a footnote that it is inevitable that deicers leave small traces of residue on the airframe after use.
Additionally, it is worth noting that a clean aircraft has improved aerodynamics, resulting in lower fuel consumption. This is another very good reason why it is vital that aircraft are kept spotless, not only in winter, but year round.
Aero-Sense offers a wide range of cabin and exterior cleaning chemicals: Airframe Cleaner, Windshield Cleaner, Insect Remover, Avionics Cleaner & Wipes, Carpet Cleaner, Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, Ink Remover, Cabin Cleaner and many more.
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