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The AV-HD is a high definition aircraft camera system which records video in full 1080P HD featuring a built-in LCD screen. AV-HD is compact and loaded with features. The AV-HD was designed to be a high quality- rugged- and yet easy to use. Everything you need is included for a quick and easy way to capture your flight in Full HD.

Using the included Headset Adapter Cable- the AV-HD is capable of recording crisp headset audio as well. Don't worry about the weather because the camera- recorder- and cable are all water resistant- rugged and built for harsh environments!

New Propeller Filtering Technology!
The AV-HD features an advanced lens system that mitigates the propeller in the video providing a pleasant translucent blur. The High Definition Camera lens also offers a Wide Field-of-View of 170 degrees providing the widest angle available.

Mounting is a snap using the built in 2.0' LCD and one of the many camera mounts included in the system. A cigarette power plug adapter allows for 12V to 24V DC input from the aircraft- or use one of the two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries included with the AV-HD. Videos can be easily downloaded using the USB cable or straight from the SD card. Video files can be viewed on a PC or a Mac with no special software needed- and can be easily uploaded to YouTube.

- High-Quality all-in-one system that records at 1080p HD
- Records to Removable SD Card for Easy Uploading
- USB Data Download for Quick Analysis
- Approximately 1.5 – 2 Hours Battery Life
- Approximately 2 Hours per 8GB SD Card
- 6 Foot Cable Length
- Captures Pictures
- Wireless Remote
- Rugged- Waterproof- Portable and Easy to Use!

More information visit – www.datatoys.com

40-year-old Danish Uni-Fly A/S Expands the Repertoire 

In need of a maintenance facility for your aircraft or helicopter? Qualified help is near: 40 years of operating and maintaining their own fleet has given Danish aviation company Uni-Fly A/S a strong background for servicing external customers as well.

Last year the company celebrated its 40-yearanniversary- and this year we have chosen to see a bit beyond the end of our own nose- says Frank Petersen- Vice President at Uni-Fly A/S- centrally located in Denmark and Northern Europe- at Odense Airport.

At the moment Uni-Fly A/S is mainly a known brand in Denmark- operating helicopters for almost every purpose- from event and windmill inspection flights to transporting geological research personnel in Greenland.

We have always maintained our own helicopters- and from now on we also offer our expertise to external customers- both as to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft- covering a wide range of tasks – from regular service- repair- balancing and weighing- to borescope inspections- Frank Petersen explains.

Authorized Piper Service Centre
We are also happy to announce that we have been shown the honor and given the right to call ourselves an Authorized Service Centre for American aircraft manufacturer Piper. Our staff represents more than 20 years of maintenance experience with the product line of Piper aircraft- so you can be sure to trust your aircraft or helicopter with professionals when entering our facilities- Frank Petersen points out.

More information visit - www.uni-fly.dk

AIRCRAFT SPRUCE Stocks PropPastie Spinner Cover

PropPastie is a new style spinner cover- that fits all light aircraft. It is designed to minimize snow- ice- and water from lying on your propeller hub and bearings and freezing inside your spinner.

The proper way to position a propeller in the winter is to have a blade vertical on the bottom to allow water to drain. However- this will allow water- snow and ice to sit on your propeller hub and bearings.

This could have disastrous effects should any water leak into your propeller hub. Without PropPastie- blowing snow also could end up inside your spinner and cause a detrimental imbalance.

PropPastie is made in the USA with the highest quality UV-stabilized materials. It is designed to withstand all but the most extreme temperatures. It has remained in position in testing- in up to 51 mph. gusts. The material selected stiffens in cold temperatures. This in combination with Velcro holds PropPastie in place.

More information visit - www.aircraftspruce.com

John Frasca Appointed President/CEO of Frasca

John Frasca has been appointed President and CEO of Frasca International- Inc. following the announcement that founder Rudy Frasca has retired from the active management of the company. Rudy continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Frasca International.

John Frasca has served as the company’s Vice President since 2003 and has gradually taken over more of his father’s duties in recent years as Rudy and his wife Lucille enjoyed semi-retirement and spending time with their grandchildren. John has worked for the family-owned company since 1972- when he began performing various tasks around the factory after school. John studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois and was instrumental in directing the technical evolution of Frasca flight trainers from the pioneering mechanical analog designs developed by his father into the modern digital electronic designs that dominate the world’s pilot training market today.

Promoted to Vice President of Operations in 1986- John Frasca has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company for the past 25 years and has overseen its transition from a small specialty manufacturer of general aviation oriented training devices to one of the world’s premier flight simulator suppliers.

More information visit - www.frasca.com

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