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Check out the quality of manufacturing of our products and handle them at the AERO 2018 aerospace fair that will take place from 18 to 21 April 2018 in Friedrichshafen in Germany.

AvBuyer  |  13th March 2018
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Skyleader 600 in flight

Our exposition will be situated at exhibition stand No. 301 in Hall B3, where we will be presenting our products, and at Hall A7, where we will be presenting our Skyleader 400 with electric propulsion to you.

Our current Skyleader brand’s more than 20 years of history started in the 1990s when the first draft of a modern all-metal four-seater aeroplane was produced in the Czech Republic. The Z90 aircraft and its light-weight variant TP41 was designed as a replacement of the existing Z40 series produced by Moravan. The study was elaborated at the Institute of Aerospace Engineering of the Brno University of Technology.

 However, the economic and organizational conditions that existed in the country at that time made the realization of the Z90 project impossible. The concept of the modern all-metal four-seater aeroplane was not lost, though. Later on, when the opportunity came, we managed to build ultralight versions of the Z90 and TP41 aeroplanes. Most members of the then newly built team came from the Jihlavan company group. It was therefore no surprise that the development of the aircraft was incredibly fast. Indeed, the prototype was finished only one year after commencing work!

The current product range includes six types of aeroplanes for casual and sport flying, pilot training or special operations. We produce our aeroplanes according to the strict North American ASTM standards.

Our customers, aeroplane owners all around the world, particularly appreciate the safety of our aeroplanes (due to their robust design) and pleasant and comfortable flying with these machines.

All our aeroplanes are custom-equipped according to the wishes of the customer, ranging from the basic flight configuration (Ready To Fly).

Our company has significantly participated in the aerospace research activities of Czech universities and in designing and production of aeroplanes. Part of our production consists in supplying of frames for small helicopters.

Our Aeroplanes that are currently in production:

Skyleader 100 / Skyleader 200 / Skyleader 400 / Skyleader 500 / Skyleader 600 / Skyleader GP ONE

Our hot new item of 2018:

JA-400 “Skyleader 400”

We are introducing our new mid-class model inspired by racing car designs, which involves new features such as a split canopy opened to the side. The sporty feel is confirmed by the rather aggressively designed engine cover, the simple instrument panel and the new firm stable landing gear. The aeroplane has trapezoidal wings with fuel tanks of the total capacity of 80 litres. The Skyleader 400 is intended mainly for pilot training, casual flying and glider towing.

This aeroplane offers safety, prestige and emotion to clients all over the world – it complies with the strictest European standards and is currently undergoing the certification process at the German Deutscher Aero Club e.V.

MI: www.skyleader.aero


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Cessna 210 Exterior
Cessna 210
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Cessna TTx
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Cessna 182T Skylane
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Piper Malibu
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