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STOL Flying: Why Fly to Knokke-Heist this June?

All pilots of all aircraft are invited to take part in the Vintage Air Rally STOL Competition in Belgium. Here's why you should fly to Knokke-Heist this June...

AvBuyer   |   12th February 2018
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Have you always wanted to experience the excitement of STOL beach landings? This is your chance. All pilots of all aircraft are invited to take part in the Vintage Air Rally STOL Competition in Belgium, June 14-17...

Around the low tides, the world’s newest international airport, EBKZ (Knokke-Zoute International Airport) will be open for business. You can fly in directly from the UK, and your normal insurance should cover. Whilst we will perhaps have some new world records, most pilots will simply be looking to put a unique and fun entry in their logbook.

There will be exhibitors on the beachfront and in our indoor Expo. Our exclusive Pilots’ Club (on the sand) will be hosting a series of events during both the days and the evenings with guest speakers from the world of aviation.

Key dates:

  • 14 June, Set-up, first Qualifier rounds, installation of Exhibitors.
  • 15 June, Second Qualifier rounds.
  • 16 June, Vintage Biplane Competition, and other category Competitions (TBA). The day finishes with the top five biplanes landing on the Royal Zoute Golf Course.
  • 17 June, Remaining Competition categories (TBA) and closes with a Prizegiving Cocktail at the Pilots’ Club.

Prizes Category

  • Vintage Biplane (pre 1959)
  • Vintage Monoplane (pre 1959)
  • Biplane  >750KG
  • Monoplane  >750KG
  • Aeroplane  >500KG  <751KG
  • 3-Axis Aeroplane  <501KG
  • Turbine
  • Electric

Overall Winner (combined with another category)

  • Additional prizes Category
  • Youngest pilot
  • Oldest pilot
  • Oldest plane (date of first registration)
  • Biggest plane (Maximum Take Off Weight)
  • Furthest travelled (state of residence of pilot)
  • Facebook (most likes for their team on our Facebook page)


More information from: www.vintageairrally.com

All Images Copyright Beatrice De Smet / Pictures with other copyright

(In Partnership with AeroExpo UK - www.AeroExpo.co.uk)

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