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“Designing and building aeroplanes isn’t just a job- it’s an extension of our passion for flying.”

Paolo Pascale- Managing Director- Tecnam.

This timeless passion for flying has resulted in the most extensive product line and choice for customers. It includes certified twin and single engine aircraft- light sports aircraft and advanced ultra-lights. With Italian styling- originality- quality and innovation- Tecnam aircraft are designed to offer unbeatable value and low operating costs.

The recently EASA certified state of the art Tecnam P2008JC CS/VLA is now being delivered to customers throughout Europe.

With fuselage and vertical fin made of the latest technology carbon fiber prepeg- its metals wings and stabilator- the Tecnam P2008JC has a vast number of advantages over traditional aircraft. This combination of both composite material and metal has resulted in a more fuel efficient and much quieter aircraft. Its versatility and ease of use has established it as both the aircraft of choice for Flight Training Organisations worldwide as well as recreational flyers.

The Tecnam P2002JF is a two seat low wing aeroplane that offers superlative performance. EASA’s certification of the Tecnam P2002JF Variable Pitch Propeller model builds on Tecnam’s aspiration to afford customers and operators even more options that offer safer- smoother and more cost efficient flying experiences.

Key advantages of the Tecnam P2002JF Variable Pitch Propeller include;

•Better cruise and climb performances: maximum horizontal speed at maximum continuous power is increased of about 5-7 kias- VS increase of 150-200 ft/min;

•Better cruise comfort: regulation of propeller RPM at maximum power- lower noise and improved fuel consumption control;

•Availability of all the maximum deliverable power- at all speeds as a function of density altitude;

Voted best general aviation aircraft at Aero 2013- Friedrichshafen- Tecnam P Twenty-Ten brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator based on the best of Tecnam’s recent P2006T Twin and P2008 offerings- this single engine- 4 seat aeroplane is powered by a Lycoming IO-360-M1a (‘Lycoming Light’) engine- providing 180HP and 2700RPM. It is eagerly anticipated by the General Aviation community- with delivery’s due to commence in the Spring of 2014.

The Tecnam P92 two-seater- side by side- single strut braced high wing aircraft is a timeless classic. 7th generation versions include P92 Classic Light. In over 20 years of service- the Tecnam P92 worldwide fleet now stands at over 2-500 aircraft in both ULM/LSA and VLA categories- with over 200-000 flown hours.

With over 150 Tecnam P2006T Twins in service around the world- this Rotax 912S powered aircraft is redefining both the flight training and aircraft ownership experience. Bringing affordable multi-engine flying to aero-clubs- flying schools- syndicates and private aircraft owners- latest innovations include the recent certification of an increase of the VLE and VLO speed limitations to 119 KCAS and the major increase in MTOW to 1230 Kg- ensuring the Tecnam P2006T Twin is an even more attractive aeroplane for customers purchasing a twin.

As the Tecnam team gathered in Capua- Italy recently to celebrate the 90th birthday of Professor Luigi Pascale- it’s visionary Head of Research and Design and the inspiration behind so many of Tecnam’s wide range of aeroplanes- his team is working hard to keep improving the choice of diversity of Tecnam’s products and services.

The highlight of Tecnam’s 65th anniversary celebrations was the first flight of the ‘Astore’ next-generation Light Sports Aircraft.

With higher standards of comfort and very low purchase and operating costs- the Tecnam Astore is an all new two seat- low wing aeroplane that offers superlative performance and value.

The Tecnam ‘Astore’ design affords the pilot the smoothest and most pleasurable flight with innovations such as an Apple iPad® mini supplied with each aircraft as standard. The Levil G Mini- using its WiFi connection- provides a full Primary Flight Display on the iPad® mini using compatible third party applications such as Air Navigation Pro or similar. Additionally- the pre-installed dedicated app will compute the actual Weight and Balance- provide checklists and include all the Pilot Operating Handbook sections. Everything at the pilots fingertips!

Low operating costs are assured through Tecnam’s close association with Rotax. All of these results in a remarkably efficient aeroplane- with customers being offered a choice of how they want their Tecnam ‘Astore’ powered- be it with the Rotax 912ULS- the all new 912iS or the Rotax 914 engine. Operators may choose both MOGAS and AVGAS to fuel their Astore.

Flight Training Organisations around the world are choosing Tecnam’s wide range of superlative aircraft to modernise their fleets. Citing Tecnam’s advantage in producing aircraft of both low acquisition cost and lower in service costs- FTO’s have been delighted with the reliability- efficiency and ease of maintenance that Tecnam aircraft afford.

As well as being firmly established as the first choice of FTO’s throughout Europe- Russia- Australasia and the America’s- Tecnam aircraft are now being introduced into the fleets of new flight schools in the emerging markets in Africa- the Middle East and Asia.

Today Tecnam is the world’s largest producer of both General Aviation and Light Sport Aircraft. With a global fleet of over 4000 aircraft and 100 Tecnam Support Centres- Tecnam is proud to continue to offer all its General Aviation customers the very latest in aircraft design- technology and a great flying experience.

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