Tecnam Launches YouTube Mini-Series: “The Nest”

Italian manufacturer Tecnam has released a seven-part short YouTube series ‘The Nest,’ opening its doors to aircraft enthusiasts worldwide for the first time. The series invites viewers into the world of Tecnam’s “Italian style, advanced and sustainable avionics, and never-before-told stories of the company’s people and legacy.”

AvBuyer  |  05th July 2022
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The series of short videos presents an exclusive tour of Tecnam’s facilities in Capua, introducing the company’s employees and share their heritage with the company’s global network of aircraft enthusiasts.

For the first time ever, the company has opened its doors – the doors to its ‘Nest’ – to the world, showing the remarkable process of Tecnam engineering and design. This process of combining tomorrow’s technology with centuries of heritage, steeped in both beauty and innovation, is what has defined Tecnam Aircraft since its inception in 1948.

Italian Heritage

The five-minute videos echo the voices of three generations of Tecnam: the Pascale family, beginning with Il Professore – Luigi Pascale – and his brother Giovanni, the founders of Tecnam; and continuing with the company’s current CEO Paolo Pascale and his son Giovanni Pascale Langer, the Managing Director, along with Maria Clara Pascale Langer, head of accounting and human resources.

In three generations, the company has not only remained under the wings of its founding family, but it has cultivated a family of its own.

Episode 1 introduces Tecnam as “the biggest GA company in Europe”; its home city of Capua and its main factory; its fleet; and the scope of its achievement — 7,500 aircraft and counting, with one a day now leaving the plant.

In Episode 2 of the Series, Maria Clara explains: “It may seem obvious, but above all family is the first, the most important [company value]. Not just family in terms of blood… but family as people working united every day, side by side, to achieve a common goal.”

“I don’t know any other company where the Managing Director flies personally the first aircraft to deliver to a customer,” said Mavilio In Episode 3.

As R&D Director Fabio Russo explains in Episode 4, it is estimated that flight schools can cut up to ten tons of CO2 emissions per student in one and a half years of their training. Fuel efficiency, among other factors, also makes flight training with Tecnam up to 50

percent cheaper than with other aircraft. “To be the best, they [have to] train with the best,” said Giovanni Pascale Langer. However, it is not only Tecnam’s superior performance that is winning their clients and partners over.

In Episode five, Marketing & Communications Manager Stefano Mavilio reveals that Tecnam has also seen generations of employees building their careers and their own family legacies into this family-owned and run business. “As the Pascale family is in the third generation, also the employees are the third generation,” said Mavilio.

CEO of Oriens Aviation UK Edwin Brenninkmeyer cites Tecnam management’s on-the-ground presence and passionate involvement as a key element that places this brand in a league of its own. “Giovanni, representing the family’s third generation, has actually worked on the shop floor. He has built airplanes himself, so he has a relationship with the engineers, with the technicians and with the craftsmen. That’s so, so important,” said Brenninkmeyer. Adding to Brenninkmeyer’s insights, Mavilio recounts how Managing Director Giovanni Pascale personally made the cross-Atlantic ferry flight to deliver the P2012 Traveller to a U.S.-based customer.

Episode 6 reflects on there being “No better place than Italy to contemplate the beauty of flying”.

And the Series concludes with Episode 7, where the family of Tecnam reflects on what this family represents, set against its history that was not always marked by the spectacular, sustained, and increasing success enjoyed in recent years. According to Chief of Sales, Walter Da Costa, the family bond is what differentiates Tecnam in the market. “We are special. We have passion,” he says.

This passion for their craft and their common vision is palpable in the Nest video series. From the voices of Tecnam experts to testimony of the company’s partners, the company’s commitment to beauty, comfort, safety, innovation, and the broader aviation community are evident on every factory floor and in each interview.

Throughout the series, aircraft enthusiasts are taken to what is descriptively named as ‘the heArt’ of Tecnam, exploring how designers take inspiration from their Italian heritage and its breathtaking nature, watching technicians assemble the aircraft using state-of-the-art avionics, and understanding Tecnam’s commitment to the green future of aviation.

The company’s approach to sustainable innovation is to engineer solutions with immediate and real-life applications. As such, Tecnam has quickly become the first choice of flight schools and airlines alike.

From nurturing their national and family legacy to building the future of aviation through sustainable and ‘flyable art,’ The Nest series is an intimate portrait of Tecnam dedicated to aircraft enthusiasts worldwide, concludes the company.


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