Digital Signature in Aviation Title Services

Is paperwork hindering the efficiency of your owner trustee transaction? Learn how Aircraft Guaranty streamlined the process while maintaining top security through digital signatures...

It is an exciting topic and a fundamental priority for Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC) to stay current with technology, especially when it has the potential to increase efficiency and security in our services, as well as help reduce time and cost in transactions for our clients. We are always looking forward to how our company could put certain applications to use, even Blockchain in Aviation Owner Trustee Transactions. For this month’s topic, we don’t have to guess though. 

One huge hindrance to efficiency in owner trustee transactions is the paperwork involved – handling and distributing numerous paper documents between multiple parties, whether in the United States or internationally. Printing, signing, mailing – more than once if corrections are needed, let alone if the documents are lost in the mail altogether – is enormously time-consuming. 

AGC wanted to find a way to streamline certain processes and reduce our amount of paperwork, while maintaining a high level of security – to save time and money within our business and for our clients. We were immediately interested in the use of Digital Signatures, which is a specific implementation of an electronic signature (eSignature).

The US Federal ESIGN Act defines an eSignature as “an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record”.

A Digital Signature takes this a bit further with the addition of encryption/decryption technology - securing the data associated with an electronically signed document and creating a robust audit trail.

Digital Signatures have been used for electronically signing an array of documents – sales contracts, offer letters, lease agreements, liability waivers, financial documents and trust documents – and are legally enforceable in most business transactions throughout most of the world. 

We needed to make sure this solution would work with multiple signers on complex documents though and be compliant with Federal Aviation Authority guidelines, including their Notice of Policy Clarification for Acceptance of Documents With Digital Signatures (81 FR 23384), which requires Digital Signatures – traceable and digitally encrypted – not just eSignatures.

DocuSign was the clear answer for our business – meeting some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and using the strongest data encryption technologies available. It also happens to be the leading eSignature brand, with the ability to:

  • Easily upload and send documents for signing
  • Sign at any time, on a wide variety of devices, from nearly anywhere
  • Check signing status and send reminders to keep things moving forward

This software has enabled us to get agreements done faster with fewer errors, which directly translates to lower cost, for our business and our clients.

We’ve accomplished this with using Digital Signatures mainly for processing trust documents, which directly benefits our owners in trust by saving time and money.

There are more benefits on the horizon though with more widespread use of this technology. We’re excited to see where it takes us and the aviation industry. In the meantime, we’re thrilled with the results we’ve already seen and the security and cost savings we’re able to pass down to our clients.

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