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A glass cockpit four seater single engine aircraft. Built tough, the V1.0 favours metal versus expendable plastic materials.

The V1.0 is in line with Vulcanair’s design philosophy: The quest for durability, safety and exceptional value.

Vulcanair has decided to leverage its long experience in designing and manufacturing more complex certified multi-engine aircraft to supply an exceptionally priced single-engine aircraft to allow more pilots to become members of the Vulcanair Aircraft owners’ family.

Excellent aircraft performance, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, modern avionics and exceptional value in terms of acquisition costs make the V1.0 a serious alternative in today’s piston single-engine aircraft arena.

The V1.0’s structure is a combination of welded steel tubes arranged in an articulate reticular fashion (main cabin) coupled with a riveted aluminum wing, tail cone and empennage sections. This arrangement ensures a strong protective cabin for pilot and passengers and a lightweight structure altogether.  The V1.0 is powered by the 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A that is capable of running with AvGas or alternative fuels.

The aircraft cabin is extremely functional with four seats accessible through three doors and a luggage capacity of 40 kg (88lb) in a separate and dedicated compartment.

The aircraft cockpit has been designed to keep all the commands and switches and circuit breakers in an ergonomic position for the pilot and its shape has been designed to minimize parallax errors.

The standard avionics package of choice features a Garmin G500 coupled with a GTN650 unit and a JPI digital engine monitoring system. Mid Continent’s latest digital back-up digital instrument (SAM) is offered standard in the aircraft package. An optional full IFR version is also available for a small increase in the total aircraft’s price.

Finally the V1.0 is a utility category aircraft, which further expands the V1.0’s ambitions.

In addition to its new single engine product Vulcanair Aircraft is progressing with the continuous improvement of its twin-engine aircraft line with the completion of the A-VIATOR autopilot and glass cockpit integration.

The new glass cockpit features a three screen G950 coupled with a modern Genesys Intelliflight 2100 Autopilot.

The A-VIATOR is being demonstrated globally and it is particularly appreciated for its excellent flight qualities and capabilities coupled to very low costs and the twin-engine  turboprop configuration.

All the other models of piston twins including the flagship P68 Observer Series aircraft continue to be produced and delivered to our customers.

Recent deliveries include four aircraft to the Chilean Navy out of a contract of  7 (seven) aircraft.

Vulcanair Aircraft are handcrafted in Naples, Italy and they are only built to order.

MI: Contact Remo De Feo at www.vulcanair.com.

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