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Business Aviation shows and exhibitions can generate a great deal of business- as well as provide a vehicle to develop the industry. Several such shows are taking place in China over the next few months. Liz Moscrop takes a look.

AvBuyer   |   1st September 2011
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Business Aviation shows and exhibitions can generate a great deal of business- as well as provide a vehicle to develop the industry. Several such shows are taking place in China over the next few months. Liz Moscrop takes a look.

Canadian bizjet manufacturer Bombardier forecasts that customers in China and India will buy 925 business jets before 2020 with the rest of Asia accounting for a further 500 corporate aircraft. Pre-owned sales into the region are also growing quickly- and the opportunities for helicopters are even higher.

Additionally- there are now more high net-worth individuals in Asia than in Europe- and China is second only to the US for the number of resident millionaires. The two trends mean that the Chinese Business Aviation sector is evolving rapidly. To this end several key events are taking place to support its growth over the next few months.

The first – the Asia Fortune Forum - takes place on 10th September at the China Hall of Science and Technology in Beijing. Several VIP speakers will be in attendance to discuss the development of the sector- including Han Jianfeng- Executive Chairman- and Secretary General of the Asia Fortune Forum Group. Liu Yandong CPC Central Committee State Councilor will join him on the podium- and many experts will be outlining ways to bolster corporate aviation growth. Li Jiaxiang- Chairman of China Civil Aviation will highlight opportunities and challenges for the market in his keynote speech- followed by speakers from some of China’s major cities- such as Xi’an- Shenyang and Zhuhai- who will be discussing their plans on how to grow the industry in their home towns.

Bombardier’s Chinese President Zhang Jian Wei will speak to how the OEM will address the hurdles and benefits of developing its business in China- and the Firestone Management Group will explain how to buy a private jet. Dong Wengbiao- of Group Chairman of Minsheng Bank- will then offer options for financing such a purchase.

There will also be a panel discussing regulatory issues- comprising: Wang Zhanbin- Party Secretary of the Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control department;- Du Xiaoping- Chairman of Hainan Airline’s VIP charter arm DeerJet;- Zhang Feng- Chairman of the Chinese Private Jet Owners and Pilots’ Association;- Brent Waters Waugh- President of aircraft manufacturer Cirrus; and Du Zhuo- of the Zhuhai Park Industrial Management Committee.

Helicopter Exposition

Five days later Tianjin Airport Industrial Park plays host to the first Chinese Helicopter Exposition between September 15-18. The rotorcraft market potential is huge- and Tianjin is home to the Aviation Industries of China (AVIC’s) helicopter manufacturing plant Avicopter- which is expected to increase its production by 17% annually. The Exposition is expected to attract some 200 companies- including most Chinese and international market leaders.

There will be matchmaking meetings- as well as flight demonstrations and conferences addressing manufacturing and industrial development. Given the Chinese market is expected to increase from 200 civil helicopters in China today to 3-000 by 2020- and account for $2 billion worth of revenue- the show is a timely addition to wider discussions on developing Lower Altitude Airspace.

Other expos

The following week- between September 21st and 24th- the Aviation Expo China takes place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.. Supported by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)- the Expo is held every two years. It is organized and sponsored by nearly all of China’s top aviation authorities and enterprises- plus the Chinese military. There will be several information sessions taking place- focusing on investment and finance. These will be led by speakers from the China National Development and Reform Commission- Beijing’s Municipal Government- the CAAC- the China Banking Regulatory Commission- the China Banking Association Financial Leasing Committee- the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation- foreign investors and leasing companies (- such as JP Morgan and GECAS)- and Western manufacturers including: Embraer- Bombardier- Hawker Beechcraft- Gulfstream- and Cessna.

Then on September 22 and 23 Corporate Jet Investor's Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance forum 2011 takes place in Beijing. Speakers from DeerJet- Bombardier- Freestream Aircraft- Ascend- Lenoma- ICBC Leasing- ABC Financial Leasing and Minsheng Financial Leasing will join representatives from OEMs and Asian charter and jet card companies to discuss financing and leasing choices for aircraft owners and operators.

At the same time the Aircraft Owners and Pilots’ Association (China) is holding a five-day GA Summit in Beijing. The summit kicks off September 20 and will include Chinese civil and military aviation officials- a two-day forum on the country’s low-altitude airspace- and the first GA fly-in in the country.

US AOPA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Melissa Rudinger and Secretary General of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) John Sheehan will attend the summit to provide insight into the way the GA community works. Rudinger said- “With the decision by the Chinese government to support GA development and airspace reform- China is a promising future market for the worldwide GA industry.”

Yinjie Jason Zhang- a New-York-based pilot and member of the AOPA-China board of directors added- “It is an excellent networking opportunity with China’s aviation delegation- GA industry members as well as clients.”

Two more events are diarized for Spring 2012. Between March 27-29 2012- the Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) is slated to take place at Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre in Hongquaio Airport.. Jointly sponsored by the US National Business Aviation Association and the Asian Business Aviation Association- ABACE aims to catalyze the Asian market. A fortnight later the second edition of the Shanghai International Business Aviation Show is scheduled to happen between April 11-13 at the same venue. At the time of writing organizer Sacha Dunas says he is ‘in discussion’ with NBAA about merging the two events- but no agreement has been yet reached. The 2011 event attracted 5-012 visitors and comprised seven chalets- 19 aircraft- and four areas of exhibition booths.

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