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Since 1967- Eagle Aviation has become a leader in general aviation service for operators in the southeast US- due largely to a loyal customer base – loyalty developed through the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality service available.

Dave Higdon   |   1st May 2003
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Dave Higdon Dave Higdon

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Eagle Aviation offers business aircraft operators full-service convenience that transits Southeast US.

Since 1967- Eagle Aviation has become a leader in general aviation service for operators in the southeast US- due largely to a loyal customer base – loyalty developed through the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality service available.

Offering full FBO services from its base- which is located at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)- in Columbia- South Carolina- this same Eagle quality has helped the 36-year old company develop equally strong customer relationships. Eagle Aviation maintains this caliber of service through its investment in meeting its customers’ needs.

'We pride ourselves on customer service and excellence in a field that demands perfection-' said company president David A Lipski. Indeed- this quality-oriented mission remains a constant thanks to Eagle’s ownership – the same since its inception back in 1967 – and the long time tenure of the department managers. Whatever the service need- Eagle’s staff is committed to deliver.

From Used Airplanes for Sale- to Service
Unlike some business aviation FBOs- Eagle Aviation offers clients the equivalent of turnkey service- starting with the acquisition of a suitable pre-owned aircraft to meet the needs of any corporate customer. Conversely- for the client looking to move out of an aircraft- Eagle’s brokerage service can find a new home or Eagle will purchase the plane outright.

These aren’t services new or recently acquired; Eagle Aviation started offering clients its acquisition and brokerage skills back when the doors first opened over 36 years ago. As most readers of this publication well know- buying and selling corporate aircraft demands attention to detail as well as depth and expertise in the market.

To achieve this expertise- Eagle specializes in Citations- Lears and Conquests and has amassed unparalleled knowledge of these aircraft.

The decision to add- divest or expand a business aircraft fleet is a time of major decision-making for the company making the change. Aside from market conditions- the transaction also demands a keen understanding of aircraft availability- the ability to accurately assess the total costs- the current and future maintenance demands- and the ability to document these and other details prior to signing on the dotted line.

To give the client the best possible experience- Lipski assembled a staff that includes experts in research in available aircraft- in support and- of course- sales and marketing – a group that works together as a team. The Citation and Conquest specialization has allowed the team to focus- providing their clients the information needed to make a wise decision.

This team approach streamlines communications as members devote full time to maintaining their contacts in a global market. These veterans of corporate aircraft transactions keep tabs on every business aircraft transaction in their designated markets.

With the knowledge gained from first-hand research and communications- Eagle’s sales and brokerage team can evaluate the needs of clients for whatever the transaction goal may be- whether buying- selling- trading- appraising or only creating an accurate cost comparison and ownership analysis.

And Eagle’s experience and expertise works even for businesses trying to match a piston powered business aircraft with a specific need – not merely those interested in a business turbine transaction.

Service After the Airplane Sale
Regardless of what Eagle may help an operator acquire- the company offers service to match. As an FAA-authorized repair station- Eagle Aviation delivers the skills- tools and materials needed to keep hard-working business aircraft where they belong – out on the airways- not down in the shop.

Eagle Aviation’s maintenance operation is geared to providing a total-maintenance experience for the aircraft operator. With nearly 39-000 square feet of shop space- Eagle’s maintenance staff offers licensed repair services for everything from engines to airframes to avionics and electronics.

The company’s demonstrated expertise earned it authorized factory service designations from Cessna Aircraft- Twin Commander Aircraft and Cirrus. The staff is experienced in virtually all 500- and 650-series Cessna Citations- as well as the Cessna Conquest turboprops and Twin Commanders. Also on the company’s frequent-work list are the 20- and 30-series Learjets- all Beechcraft King Air models and any piston model coming from Beech- Cessna- Piper and Cirrus.

An in-house inventory of spare parts worth more than $1 million helps keep downtime and freight to a minimum and replacement costs as low as possible- while the avionics shop offers sales- installation and service of virtually every brand available. With considerable expertise in the latest GPS navigation gear- satellite communications hardware- autopilots and flight-management systems- the avionics shop will soon be offering a RVSM package for 500 Series Citations too.

With a list of factory-service authorizations too long to list- the best way to hear what Eagle Aviation’s avionics shop can do for you is to contact them in Columbia.

Looking and Feeling Good
From the mid-size business turbine aircraft to the high-end piston business models- Eagle Aviation provides staff and skills to give your bird a fit and finish to exceed your expectations.

An in-house design staff creates paint schemes and interior designs using the latest computer-driven tools- providing clients with the opportunity to see what they’re buying – before a fleck of paint or seat is removed.

Using the latest- environmentally friendly processes- Eagle’s paint shop goes from design approval- to paint removal- to the application of the new finish without your plane leaving the facilities. Likewise- that new interior to match your needs is created- assembled and installed on-site.

Seat design- new cabinet finishing or laminations- even the application of the latest fire-blocking materials- are all within the scope of Eagle Aviation’s considerable abilities.

Getting You There
Today more than ever- travel by business aircraft means more safety- security and efficiency for the busy corporate operators. But for the business traveler without a dedicated aircraft- Eagle Aviation offers a diverse charter fleet to provide just the right lift for the mission at hand.

When the trip requires high speed and long range- Eagle Aviation’s Learjet 35 offers both at a cost highly competitive to sending a planeload by airliner. For shorter trips to shorter airports- Eagle offers a Citation I/SP to cover the need. And for regional operations with high payload capacity- Eagle offers a late-model Beechcraft King Air C90B – a top performer on shorter legs to the smallest runways.

But Eagle’s charter capabilities don’t end with these three models; other aircraft can be made available to match the mission – even down to light piston twins for flights where the legs are shortest and the need for financial efficiency is highest.

Customers Going Places
With a location midway between the busy Northeast and the growing commercial centers of the South- Eagle Aviation is well placed to attract stopovers from business aircraft going in opposite directions. Whether on a ‘gas-and-go’ or a ‘remain-overnight’ stop- Eagle Aviation’s full-service FBO abilities offer transient operators all the amenities coveted by crew and passengers- alike.

That promise goes from the basics of efficient line service for aircraft merely topping off- to the more-complex needs of a crew arranging limousines- catering- meeting facilities and overnight accommodations.

With a lighted tennis court- an on-site canteen- conference rooms- courtesy cars- a pilot lounge and bunkrooms for the crew- Eagle’s staff works to cover every need that may arise.

As a Phillips 66 Performance Center- Eagle also offers the fuel and lubricants demanded by operators of turbine and piston business aircraft. Indeed- as a 24-hour operation- seven days a week- 365 days a year- there is no time when Eagle Aviation can’t provide the operator with the goods and services needed for the successful completion of any trip.

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