Making the Most of your Aircraft Maintenance?

What are the advantages to finding a one-stop shop maintenance solution for your business jet? Robert Drover discusses how to make the most of your aircraft maintenance...

Robert Drover  |  06th November 2017
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Robert Drover
Robert Drover

Robert Drover is Director Sales & Marketing at Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) in Berlin,...

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Lufthansa Bombardier Aircraft Services Maintenance

Tips to get the best during unavoidable business jet MRO

From heavy maintenance to cabin refurbishing, there are many advantages to a one-stop shop maintenance solution for your business jet. Following, Robert Drover, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services details some of those advantages…


Whether you plan to have an interior or exterior modification made to your jet, or an upgrade to the avionics or engines, it is likely worth waiting until your next scheduled maintenance event.


However, to do so you will need to give careful consideration to which Maintenance, Refurbishment and Overhaul (MRO) facility you entrust your airplane with in the first place – not only for the more immediate maintenance needs, but throughout the term of your ownership.


Specialisms in Aircraft Maintenance

You may have a maintenance facility located just across the airfield from your flight department, but does it specialize in your aircraft type? Does it hold all of the necessary approvals, certificates and STCs for the work you plan to undertake – and more importantly, does it offer a sufficiently wide range of expertise to cover all of your anticipated maintenance needs?


Where work can’t be undertaken by this facility, does it have exclusive partnerships in place with other MROs that guarantee an equal standard of work? If so, what experience and reputation do those partners have with your aircraft type and model?


From the consulting phase, through to the management and execution of your maintenance project, up to the return into service after the event, you will need assurances that you are placing your multi-million dollar asset into the most capable hands, and that the very best solutions are available to you.


You will need to assure equal quality can be guaranteed across all departments within your chosen maintenance shop and among its partners.


Monitoring Quality in Aircraft Maintenance

Robert Drover, Head of Sales & Marketing at Berlin-based Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS), recommends that beforehand operators should agree on the methods used to monitor quality of services with any prospective maintenance provider.


“By applying constant monitoring of the comprehensive quality assurance processes, a maintenance provider should have detailed information readily available to share with prospective customers that can demonstrate its adherence to good quality services across all aspects of its business and within its partners.”


(Celebrating 20 years in business, Germany-based LBAS undertakes comprehensive line and base maintenance for Global, Challenger and Learjets, and is one of only two Bombardier business aircraft service centers in Europe. It offers full Line and Base Maintenance capability, engine services, upgrades and modifications and also offers the expertise of Berlin-based F/List Germany for cabin refurbishment and retrofit requirements.)


“You can also expect a maintenance provider to demonstrate they undertake regular in-house audits, and audits from external agents, by way of maintaining excellent quality throughout the organization,” Mr. Drover continues.


“A prospective maintenance shop should also welcome potential customers to perform their own audit to gain a deeper understanding of the shop’s processes, and satisfy themselves that the shop meets all of their expectations where possible.”


Communication in Aircraft Maintenance

While asking all the right questions before choosing a maintenance shop will save maintenance-related complications and expense further down the line, true cost benefits will be realized over the longer-term. Operators that establish a sustained relationship with a quality shop will see long term financial and operational benefits over the lifetime of their ownership.


As a good working relationship with the facility is forged, both the shop and the customer will gain a deeper understanding of one another.


The customer will be better assured that a consistent standard of work will be applied to their airplane while the facility staff will acquire a good understanding of the customer’s specific needs and requirements. Scope for misunderstandings (and subsequent delays/additional costs) will be minimized.


Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services Private Jet Maintenance


Savings in Aircraft Maintenance

Furthermore, package prices and discounts should be negotiated. As multiple projects are bundled into one shop visit, operators may find monetary savings become available. At the very least, the aircraft’s downtime will be lessened (a grounded airplane only loses money for the owner).

“The logistics and benefits of a package price are the two most important advantages to an operator bundling projects into one downtime,” highlights Mr. Drover.


“Repositioning an aircraft to and from different facilities is very costly. What’s more, the combined downtime can be shortened significantly if different types of work can be completed at the same location in tandem. And, of course, an MRO will be in a better position to offer package discounts if it can secure the entire work package for an aircraft, including all disciplines offered by that maintenance shop.”


In Summary

Having the right maintenance provider, with the right partners available to take care of your business jet’s maintenance needs should be viewed as an extension of your operation. The right organization will be committed to getting your aircraft back in the air quickly, flying more safely, more efficiently and with more comfort – all with a predictable long-term level of quality and cost.


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