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New Tech Revolution in Fuel Testing

FUELSTAT has introduced some game-changing tech to improve the ease, cost and speed for diagnosing jet fuel fungus. With FuelStat’s on-site fuel test all you need is 10 minutes to discover which microbes are living in your aircraft’s fuel. Some users are calling it a revolution in fuel testing. And you can judge for yourself with a free trial.

AvBuyer   |   24th April 2018
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Microbes thrive wherever there is food and water. Aviation fuel systems are therefore ideal habitats for bacteria, yeasts and moulds that feed off the hydrocarbons in fuel and the smallest amounts of water from condensation and humidity that is an almost unavoidable consequence in aircraft tanks.

Microorganisms which grow unchecked can block fuel filters and cause gauging problems.They’re also extremely corrosive, and can damage the aircraft tank structure. 


The On-Site Aviation Fuel Test


With FUELSTAT’s on-site fuel test all you need is 10 minutes, a flat, clean surface, a pair of latex gloves and a 200 ml sample to discover which microbes are living in your aircraft’s fuel.

Already used by over 400 Commercial Airlines and their repair partners globally, FUELSTAT Plus uses the latest cutting-edge immunoassay technology.

You may be aware of immunoassay for pregnancy testing, prostate testing etc.  The huge advantage is that FUELSTAT Plus only searches for the microorganisms that thrive in jet fuel and do damage to fuel systems and not the billions of airborne and surface dwelling microbes such as common flu virus, e coli etc. Thus, no special measures must be taken for sterility when testing in the hangar or workshop and no false positives are possible, avoiding the risk of expensive unnecessary cleaning and biociding that is not required.

With over half the cost of traditional testing methods being labour-related, FUELSTAT Plus also saves a considerable amount of cost.

The great piece of kit gives a negligible, low or high reading which corresponds to the limits laid down in the IATA Guidance Material on Microbial Contamination in Aviation Fuel tanks. This clearly indicates the aircraft’s fuel system status, and what action to take, if any.


It's So Easy 




Free App & Instant Results


FUELSTAT Plus also comes with FUELSTAT Result, the free-to-download app for both IOS and Android platforms.

“The tester now only has to hold their smartphone over the test and it will automatically read the test and upload results to a secure portal instantly when connected to Wi Fi.

The result is given in industry standard terms; red, amber, & green categories. Heavy contamination is the most serious category, hence red. Once transitted to the secure company portal, managers can react immediately, save the data to help identify longer term trends and archive the results. And results can be exported to Excel for analysis




IATA Recommended Fuel Test.


The FUELSTAT solution is clearly a revolution in fuel testing.

No longer do you have to send samples off and wait up to 10 days for results. With FUELSTAT  you simply do the test yourself using the clear instructions, then record the results using the FUELSTAT Result app in less than 15 minutes.

FUELSTAT has been established in the aviation industry for over 10 years as an IATA recommended test for major airlines and affiliated companies to monitor their fuel quality.  Conidia Bioscience are strategic partners with IATA, and have recently been presented the award for 5 years  Partnership.

“IATA Strongly recommends testing of each aircraft fuel tank for microbiological contamination at least once a year.”


For a free trial and more information visit www.conidia.com today




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