Tips on BizJet Updates, Refurbs, and Upgrades

In this Asset Insight podcast, Tony Kioussis speaks to Nate Klenke to discuss paint and interior design services and the business jet refurbishment process.

Tony Kioussis  |  12th August 2021
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Tony Kioussis
Tony Kioussis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting...

Nate Klenke, Sales Manager for Modifications and Design at Duncan Aviation discusses aircraft paint and interior design services and refurbishment, along with Duncan Aviation’s capabilities within that arena. The areas covered include:

  • When acquiring an in-service aircraft, the types of modifications or upgrades an owner might consider to make its interior “feel” like a new aircraft.
  • Interior style change frequency and availability of new passenger amenities.
  • How often an aircraft’s interior might need to be refurbished.
  • How often do valuable new passenger amenities become available.
  • Some of the more sought-after passenger cabin upgrades.
  • How often should an aircraft be repainted.
  • Paint quality as it relates to durability.
  • How should operators plan for paint and interior work downtime.
  • How Duncan Aviation’s capabilities differ from those of other service facilities.

About Nate Klenke

As the Sales Manager of Modifications and Design, Nate Klenke has been serving Duncan Aviation customers since 1996. With a degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, he has more than 30 years of design, sales and management experience in aviation, industrial design and architecture.

Throughout his career, Nate has provided valuable leadership influencing positive change in the roles he has filled within the company, industry and community. His strong leadership and relationships with clients, vendors and industry peers, provide him with a wealth of knowledge in aviation completions and modifications, which he enjoys sharing with whomever will listen.

Duncan Aviation, Inc.

Duncan Aviation, Inc. is a family owned, independent business aircraft service provider. Its services include airframe and engine maintenance and repair, flight deck upgrades, avionics installations, paint and interior refurbishment, components overhaul and repair, and parts support. The company also provides pre-owned aircraft acquisition and consignment services, aviation fuel sales, engineering and certification support, and interior/paint design services. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Duncan Aviation operates three full-service facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; Provo, Utah).

The company also has 27 Satellite avionics facilities located throughout the United States at the busiest corporate aviation airports, and 14 engine and airframe Rapid Response launch offices near airports that are major airline hubs. Duncan Aviation employs roughly 2,300 team members worldwide, provides some kind of service to thousands of business aircraft every year, and over the last 36 months has conducted transactions with 92% of the Fortune 100 companies that own aircraft.

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Tony Kioussis

Tony Kioussis

Editor, Aircraft Value & Maintenance Analysis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting services, and a uniform methodology for grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition.

Previously he was VP, strategic marketing, GE Capital’s Corporate Aircraft Finance group; VP, aircraft sales, Jet Aviation Business Jets; and sales director, airframe programs, JSSI, developing the “Tip-to-Tail” airframe hourly cost maintenance program.



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