How to Get Your Safety Management System Right

Don Baldwin, president & CEO of Baldwin Aviation discusses what a Safety Management System provides to an aircraft operator and why organizations need such programs, and much more in this podcast.

Tony Kioussis  |  25th November 2021
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Tony Kioussis
Tony Kioussis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and con1

Don Baldwin, President & CEO of Baldwin Aviation, discusses his company’s development of easy-to-use, intuitive, customized Safety Management Systems to provide a comprehensive and supportive safety programs for each client’s organization.

Topics covered include:

  • What a Safety Management System provides to an aircraft operator and why organizations need such programs.
  • Metrics that prove Safety programs truly work.
  • How the FAA and NTSB view operators without a Safety program.
  • Voluntary programs offered by the FAA.  Are these beneficial?
  • How Insurance Underwriters view Safety programs and how Safety programs impact insurability.
  • Establishing and maintaining a Safety Management System.  How complex is the process?

About Don Baldwin

In his three decades of general and global business aviation experience as Aviation Director for Coca-Cola and long-time flight department manager for Texaco®, Don devised countless creative ways to integrate services and software among the company’s small, satellite flight operations to improve safety and standards.

While serving as NBAA interim President and Chairman of the Board, Don became even more convinced that smaller flight departments require and deserve the same level of resources, services, and safety management as their larger counterparts. With the creation of Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance, safety management programs became available to all sizes of flight departments that weren’t fortunate enough to have Texaco or Coca-Cola sized support.

In 2010, Don was awarded certification in Aviation Safety & Security through the renowned University of Southern California – Viterbi School of Engineering program and is a Registered Safety Professional of the ISSP (International Society of Safety Professionals).  Besides chairing the NBAA Board and sitting on numerous NBAA committees, Don’s industry involvement has also included positions on NetJets Advisory Board, FAA FOARQ Committee, Gulfstream Advisory Board, Signature Flight Support Advisory Board, and Embraer Advisory Board to mention a few.

Baldwin Aviation, Inc.

Founded in 2004, Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance became the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementer in 2007, followed by Stage II registration in 2010.  In 2013, Baldwin successfully met the requirements for a Stage III audit. In 2012, Baldwin became the 1st IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate (I3SA) – further supporting Baldwin’s leadership position by providing the assurance that Baldwin SMS programs meet regulatory compliance requirements.

The safety management program and proprietary Safety Lab™ are tools that can be used in any size flight organization to monitor its safety culture.  Baldwin Aviation, Inc. is a member of the following organizations: NBAA, EBAA, FSF, HAI, AAAE, AAMS, IFBOA, IS-BAO, ALEA, NEMPSA, AOPA, SCAA (SoCal), SCAA, TOPS, ACSF, SCASA (South Carolina), GBAA (Georgia), and CBAA.

Mission Statement

To manage risk and prevent accidents, including loss of life, personal injury, and damage to equipment and infrastructure by supporting our clients in the pursuit of organizational excellence.


To be the premier Safety/Quality Management System provider worldwide, known for innovation and customer service, while continuing to cultivate and develop our professionals to lead the company, and industry, into the next renaissance in safety and quality management

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Tony Kioussis

Tony Kioussis

Editor, Aircraft Value & Maintenance Analysis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting services, and a uniform methodology for grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition.

Previously he was VP, strategic marketing, GE Capital’s Corporate Aircraft Finance group; VP, aircraft sales, Jet Aviation Business Jets; and sales director, airframe programs, JSSI, developing the “Tip-to-Tail” airframe hourly cost maintenance program.



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