How to Choose the Right Private Aviation Options

Lee Rhode, Essex Aviation, discusses aircraft acquisition, strategic planning, financial, operational, and management matters - so if you'd like to know how to make a more informed decision on your air transportation options, check out this Asset Insight podcast.

Tony Kioussis  |  10th December 2021
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Tony Kioussis
Tony Kioussis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and con1

Lee Rohde discusses how the consulting company he founded advises aviation-related entities on a wide range of aircraft acquisition, strategic planning, financial, operational and management matters. Specifically, Lee covers:

  • Private Air Transportation options – what should prospective users consider in reviewing their options for meeting their travel requirements?
  • In the event an entity determines they want to acquire an aircraft, how should they go about identifying the best model to meet their travel requirements?
  • What factors have the greatest influence on the decision to acquire a new vs. a pre-owned aircraft?
  • The issues and complexities associated with refurbishing or upgrading a pre-owned aircraft.
  • The expertise an entity should secure if they are planning an aircraft acquisition.
  • The factors to be considered when determining an Offer Price for an aircraft.
  • What a pre-purchase inspection entails and why it is such an important part of acquisition process.

About H. Lee Rohde, III

Mr. Lee Rohde, founder, President, and CEO of Essex Aviation Group, Inc., brings over 30 years of experience in financial and operational analysis, manufacturing, distribution, and corporate business development. He advises aviation-related clients on a wide range of aircraft acquisition, strategic planning, financial, operational, and management matters.

Throughout his career, Lee has worked with a wide range of clients representing them throughout the process of new and pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, providing analysis of their current flight operations, as well as audits and management reviews of both internal and third-party flight departments, and charter management companies.

Additionally, he has managed several new aircraft completions, pre-purchase inspections, and retrofit projects for various aircraft types. Lee has also managed the exportation and importation of aircraft on and off the United States and various foreign registries. Lee has worked with all the major fractional, membership, and jet card programs representing clients in the acquisition, leasing, re-purchase by the program provider, and sale or leasing of various fractional shares to third parties.

Lee is a member in good standing of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), and the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA). Lee is currently an active Board Member of the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) and a member of the Robb Report Corporate Aviation Advisory Board.

Lee has held prominent positions within top aviation services companies. Lee served as President and COO of Aviation Management Systems, Inc., (2005 – 2013) an aviation consulting and aircraft acquisition firm. Lee was co-founder of Londavia, Inc., (1988 – 2004) which was acquired in 2001 by the Marmon Group becoming part of the AmSafe Aviation group with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Singapore.

Lee served in the United States Air Force where he held top-secret security clearance and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant before his honorable discharge. Lee is an experienced pilot and holds a MBA and BA in Economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Essex Aviation

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. has had the privilege to be a part of the decision-making group for hundreds of clients. With over 90% of our relationships being cultivated through the referral of existing clients, you can feel confident that Essex is the right choice for your aircraft acquisitions and advisory services.

Essex Aviation’s executive team has combined 95 years of aviation experience. Our position within the industry is well respected as a consumer advocate and our reputation with service providers and vendors in the industry is one of character and honesty.

To read the transcript for this podcast, click here.

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Tony Kioussis

Tony Kioussis

Editor, Aircraft Value & Maintenance Analysis

As president & CEO, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting services, and a uniform methodology for grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition.

Previously he was VP, strategic marketing, GE Capital’s Corporate Aircraft Finance group; VP, aircraft sales, Jet Aviation Business Jets; and sales director, airframe programs, JSSI, developing the “Tip-to-Tail” airframe hourly cost maintenance program.



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