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Buy Aircraft for Sale

Helping buyers' buy aircraft is AvBuyer's mission. We have a 20 year history of bringing aircraft buyers and sellers together. AvBuyer.com can help you:

  •  Find great aircraft for sale with our easy Aircraft Search
  •   When searching, pick out and compare specific aircraft listings side by side using our Compare Tool
  •   Sell your aircraft quickly and easily online. Visit our Sell My Aircraft page
  •  Find the right aircraft dealer with our Dealer Search
  •  Research the market. We use Conklin & de Decker’s Performance data, Blue Book’s Price Guide Data & Aircraft Cost Calculator’s Operating Costs Tool. Plus we have a huge searchable archive of Articles on General Aviation and Biz Av Models.
  •  Keep track of the market. Sign Up for free alerts & digital magazines
  •   Register, Finance or Insure your Aircraft? Find the industry’s leading providers in our Aviation Services Directory.
  •  Find Aviation Events where you can view aircraft for sale
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