Why AvBuyer?

AvBuyer brings the latest data, trends and insights to decision makers in the global Business Aviation community.

It helps owners and operators make the right choices regarding the acquisitions, sales and maintenance of business aircraft and related products and services.

Our tagline – ‘Actionable Intelligence for Business Aviation’ – truly summarizes what we deliver.

Our exceptional team has gravitas and includes award- winning journalists and industry experts with over 20 years plus experience in their specialist fields including:

  • Aircraft pricing trends.

  • Planning insights.

  • Latest products and services upgrades, including avionics.

  • Comparative aircraft specifications and operating costs.

  • Case studies of aircraft use.

  • Forecasts of worldwide developments  including:

- aircraft production and sales activity

- engine and airframe maintenance,

- repair, overhaul, completion & refurbishment.


 Content Highlights

  • Monthly Jet Comparison Articles

  • Market Intelligence and Overviews

  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Tips

  • Insights on Cabin and Cockpit Avionics

  • Expert Buying & Selling Advice

  • Aircraft Ownership and Operating Guidance


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"AvBuyer has long been a valued marketing partner, but this last year, in keeping with their innovation and creativity, we mutually decided to kick our efforts up a notch or two. The result was a video series designed to provide insider’s knowledge about private planes from those who fly them every day in the “Insider’s Guides.” This now-popular video series garners thousands of views each month, and provides insights you won’t get from marketing slicks. The joint effort is just another evidence of AvBuyer’s dedication to educating and serving consumers and professionals alike. I’m proud to be working with them and appreciate their can-do attitude."

Rene Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation

“Your comparative study reports are exemplary and way above anything else of the sort that I have seen.”

Captain Duncan Gillespie BBJ Lead Pilot, Essar Shipping & Logistics Ltd

"As a practicing aviation manager, I look forward to your monthly publication with anticipation. I like that it’s not just full of photographs; it is about real substance. I learn something every time I crack the cover. As we now live in an age of instant gratification, your publication still offers pertinent information that does not need to be released via social media to be a real benefit. A well written, thought provoking article about industry business is a welcome sight in today's microwave society. Thank you for filling a tough niche."

Jamie Stember, CAM Aviation Manager

“I find your articles on the various aircraft informative as well as condensed for easy reference; they are well done and informative. Thank you for all your hard work and research on each one.”

Victoria E. Collom, Manager Business Development, TWC Aviation Inc

“I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from our article. You obviously have an enormous subscription base.”

James P. Becker, ASA, Elliot Aviation Aircraft Sales Inc

“As Broker/Dealer I do value AvBuyer for being a trusted and credible source of information in the corporate & private aviation domain, and continually enjoy working with their responsive service team”

Ronnie Frank, Executive Vice President, East Coast Jet Center, Inc

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