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SMA Engines Expands Presence in USA Diesel-Engine Market

January 2007

Category: GA Buyer Europe Magazine

Author: GA News

SMA has delivered 12 of its 230-horsepower SR305-230 direct-drive diesel engine to two installation centers in North America and appointed Luc Heugas as senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Heugas announced that there are now 31 SMA diesel-engine airplanes flying at locations around the world. SMA's four-cylinder engine is approved as a firewall-forward kit for late-model Cessna 182 aircraft. Applications have been submitted to expand the approved model list to include 182N and 182P models.

Heugas cited outstanding economy, reduced maintenance costs, single-lever FADEC engine control, reduced part number count, and approval for full-power operation as reasons to install the engine. During a cross-ocean flight from Paris to Oshkosh last summer, fuel costs for the SMA 182 were 31 percent less than fuel costs for the avgas-fueled Cherokee ! 180 that accompanied the 182. Heugas noted that SMA is looking for companies to develop supplemental type certificates (STCs) for engine installations. Three distributors for SMA are now in place - one each in California, Texas, and Florida. "This is really, really big for us," said Luc Heugas, SMA's vice president of sales and marketing. "We have three distributors now in the US; we plan to have six before AirVenture in July of 2007."

"We are certain that engines will be assembled in the United States," said Heugas. The present price for the full firewall-forward engine and propeller kit for STCed 182 installations is $80,000 to $85,000.

O More information visit www.smaengines.com




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