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Five Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Securing Aircraft Finance

Aircraft Financing Depends of Aircraft Age Range
Fast Facts

1. Know what aircraft age-range is most likely to attract financing, and with whom.

  • Though some lenders (particularly those who don’t specialize in aviation) are unlikely to finance aircraft over five years old, others will consider aircraft up to ten years or more.
  • Experienced Business Aviation financing firms will factor more into their decision than an aircraft’s model year alone…
Aircraft Financing and Model Performance History

2. A model’s market performance history plays a part in financing decisions…

  • Business aircraft that have been popular in the market will invariably be more likely to qualify for financing.
  • Models with short production runs and low trading volume may be viewed more cautiously by lenders.
Aircraft Financing and Airplane Usage History

3. An aircraft’s previous usage will impact the likelihood of financing.

  • An aircraft is more likely to qualify for financing if it has a lower-than-average usage compared to other aircraft of its make and model.
  • If its usage is significantly higher than average, lenders may worry about its remaining useful life.
Aircraft Financing Depends on Airworthiness of the Aircraft

4. Airworthiness is essential to financing…

  • Aircraft must be in excellent condition with no material damage history (which are assumed to affect reliability and value), irrespective of how comprehensive the repairs may have been.
  • Most lenders favor aircraft enrolled on hourly engine maintenance programs because they mitigate the risk of expensive engine repair costs and guarantee a good standard of upkeep.
Aircraft Financing - Bank Experience is Important

5. What’s the main obstacle to accessing used aircraft financing?

  • Some (non-specialized) lenders struggle with the complex considerations that go into evaluating the risk of financing a used aircraft.
  • Those with expertise in the Business Aviation industry can engage with its complexity and structure a transaction that works for the aircraft.

FAQ: Finance for Business Aviation

Your frequently asked questions about finance for business aircraft answered...
  • Where can you find aircraft financing?

    There are several finance companies around the world. Borrowers should ideally seek a lender who specializes in their aircraft type, age, and can cater for their particular borrowing needs.

    You can find financing for business aircraft at

  • What is the interest on aircraft financing?

    Interest rates on aircraft financing can vary from as low as 3.5% to more than 7%, depending on a variety of factors.

    Those factors might include the jurisdiction the aircraft will operate in, an individual's or corporation's credit history, the size of the down payment, and more.

  • How long can you finance a private jet for?

    Financing for private jets can be as short as a couple of years up to ten years or more. The length of a financing agreement could depend on the aircraft's age and its popularity in the pre-owned market, deposit and many other factors.

  • Why finance a jet acquisition?

    A common reason to finance a jet is so that the buyer can avoid tying-up cash that could instead be invested elsewhere, generating a higher return for them.

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