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MRO for Business Aviation

Why is Business Aviation MRO Important? With an aircraft's efficiency and safety depending on its regular MRO needs being met, it stands to reason that the quality of MRO work being carried out on the aircraft is important.

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    Jeremy Cox

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Five Aircraft Maintenance Budget Considerations (for Before you Buy)

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FAQ: MRO for Business Aviation

The answers to the most common questions about Business Aviation MRO

How much does it cost to maintain a business aircraft?

The cost to maintain a business aircraft depends on the size, age and type of the aircraft.

Roughly speaking, operators of Ultra-Long-Range business jets should budget approximately $1,400 per flight hour for maintenance costs; operators of Large business jets should budget $1,200 per flight hour; operators of Medium-size business jets $650 per flight hour; operators of Small jets $570; and operators of Turboprops $485 per flight hour for maintenance.


How long does aircraft maintenance take?

Where can I find an aircraft MRO provider?

How can I find the best MRO provider for my aircraft?

Business Aircraft MRO Providers

Bombardier Pre-owned Aircraft

Bombardier Pre-owned Aircraft

Our Component Repair and Overhaul (CRO) expertise in North America and Europe gives you the option to repair instead of replacing parts. With over 50 years of experience, our technicians extend the life of your components using OEM-certified or aftermarket replacement parts.

Augsburg Air Service GmbH

Augsburg Air Service GmbH

Augsburg Air Service provides maintenance, modification, repair & other services for all aircraft up to 5.7 tons, irrespective of their metal, plastic or composite construction. Augsburg Air Service is also CAMO+ organization and offers extended services for avionics and instruments.

RAS - Rheinland Air Service

RAS - Rheinland Air Service

RAS is a recognized leader in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), plus aircraft sales, support, and fueling. Trust us with all your aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) needs. We provide expert EASA and FAA certified service and offer quick repairs on all types of aircraft.

Southern Cross Aviation

Southern Cross Aviation

Whether you are an FBO, Maintenance shop, Airline or fleet operator, MRO services are important and Southern Cross can help! We have been working with customers all over the world for over 25 years helping them buy parts and have their components, engines and entire aircraft serviced in the USA.