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Why is Business Aviation MRO Important? With an aircraft's efficiency and safety depending on its regular MRO needs being met, it stands to reason that the quality of MRO work being carried out on the aircraft is important.

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Five Aircraft Maintenance Budget Considerations (for Before you Buy)

Business Aviation advisor helps formulate an annual maintenance budget
Fast Facts
  1. Hire independent, unbiased advice to formulate an annual maintenance budget.
  • Before buying an aircraft, hire a trusted broker or consultant to support your flight department in developing its maintenance budget.
  • There are also software tools available that can help you compare aircraft and develop your budget.
Aircraft mechanic works on business jet's wheels and brakes
  1. Is the aircraft enrolled with an hourly maintenance program?
  • Is the aircraft covered by a maintenance program? If so, what exactly is covered? Engines, avionics, APUs, airframe? Make sure you know before you buy…
  • Hourly maintenance programs vary and it’s advisable to contact the program provider to understand all of the details of the coverage.
Business aircraft MRO technician
  1. Be prepared for unscheduled maintenance events…
  • Unexpected maintenance is inevitable and can be a difficult expense to calculate over the lifecycle of the aircraft if it’s not enrolled on a maintenance program.
  • A good advisor or consultant will give you a budget estimate, based on factors including aircraft make, model and time on the engines and airframe.
  1. Airframe Inspections, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins impact maintenance budgets.
  • Be sure to know when the next major inspection is due before making an offer for an aircraft. When significant expenditure is due it affects the aircraft’s value.
  • Ongoing airworthiness directives (ADs) and service bulletins (SBs) issued for an aircraft can also impact your budget. Check for these before buying a used aircraft.
MRO mechanic works on a Cessna Citation business jet nosecone
  1.  Have you accounted for possible regulatory requirements?
  • In addition to current airworthiness regulatory requirements, check for future mandates that require aircraft upgrades or changes and will impact your budget.
  • It’s a good idea to look for aircraft that are already compliant, or at least budget for a premium cost for any aircraft not yet compliant.

FAQ: MRO for Business Aviation

Your frequently asked questions about Business Aviation MRO answered...
  • How much does it cost to maintain a business aircraft?

    The cost to maintain a business aircraft depends on the size, age and type of the aircraft.

    Roughly speaking, operators of Ultra-Long-Range business jets should budget approximately $1,400 per flight hour for maintenance costs; operators of Large business jets should budget $1,200 per flight hour; operators of Medium-size business jets $650 per flight hour; operators of Small jets $570; and operators of Turboprops $485 per flight hour for maintenance.


  • How long does aircraft maintenance take?

    Aircraft maintenance can take from just a few hours up to two months to complete, depending on the type of maintenance required and the type and size of aircraft.

    The more involved the maintenance work, the longer it takes to complete, with C- and D-Checks being the most lengthy, but required less frequently than the more routine, minor checks (i.e. A- and B-Checks).

  • Where can I find an aircraft MRO provider?

    You can find aircraft MRO providers on AvBuyer’s MRO services page.

    Alternatively, contact your regional Business Aviation association who should be able to provide you with a list of MRO companies and locations.

  • How can I find the best MRO provider for my aircraft?

    The best MRO provider will specialize in your aircraft make and model and should be able to provide references (upon request) from other satisfied customers flying your aircraft type.

    Different MRO providers can vary significantly. Some are part of a chain with multiple sites while others are single site operations. Some are manufacturer approved, while others are independent operations.

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