2019 Airbus H135T3 for sale, CA, United States

Airbus H135T3 Exterior
Airbus H135T3 Exterior
Airbus H135T3 Exterior
Airbus H135T3 Interior
Airbus H135T3 Interior
Airbus H135T3 Cockpit
Airbus H135T3 Avionics
Price: USD $5,995,000 Price Reduced
North America + Canada, United States - CA

Aircraft Description


  • VIP ACH Interior
  • Engines Enrolled in SBH
  • Helionix step 3.1
  • Concorde Lead Acid Battery Installation
  • Fixed Parts for Aux Fuel

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Energy absorbing fuselage
Tail boom with fixed horizontal stabilizer
Vertical fin with faired-in Fenestron®
Upper deck with fittings for main gearbox, engines, hydraulic and cooling system
Cowlings for main transmission and engines
Skid-type landing gear with skid protectors, capable of taking ground-handling wheels
Long boarding steps, LH and RH
Maintenance built-in steps and grips
Exterior painting (Single Stage, Multi Color)

Two Safran Helicopter Engines ARRIUS 2B2plus turbine engines. These two engines are equipped with:
- Fire detectors
- Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
- Chip detectors with quick-disconnect plugs
- Overspeed protection system
- Cycle Indication On MFD
Twin-engine OEl-training mode
Oil cooling and lubricating system with thermostatic valve
Crash resistant fuel system with a flexible bladder-type main tank and supply tank (split into two sections)
Automatically controlled variable rotor speed system
Fuel tank filler flap, lockable
Drain system
Fire walls

Flat-shaped main gearbox with two stages
Chip detector system with quick-disconnect plug (main gearbox)
Redundant oil cooling and lubrication system
Main gearbox attachment with Anti-Resonance Isolation System (ARIS)
Free wheel assemblies in the engine input drives
Tail rotor drive shaft
Tail rotor gearbox with splash lubrication and oil level sight gauge
Chip detector system with quick-disconnect plug (tail rotor gearbox)

Two starter I generators (2x200 A, 28 VDC)
Lead Acid Battery, (24 VDC, 27 Ah)
- External power connector (STANAG 3302, LN9064, SAE AS 25018, SAE AS 35061)
Power distribution system:
- Two primary busbars
- Two shedding busbars
- Two essential busbars
- Two high load busbars (80 A) - for optional equipment only
- Two high power busbars (200 A)
- Battery bus
One utility receptacle in LH side of cargo compartment (28 VDC, 1O A)

Bearingless Main Rotor system (BMR) with improved dynamic characteristics, consisting of:
- Rotor head / mast in one piece
- Four fiber-reinforced composite main rotor blades with anti-erosion strips, control cuff, elastomeric lead-lag dampers
Main rotor control system with dual hydraulic boost system
Electrical trim system
Basic provisions for an easy integration of a track and balance system
Fenestron®-type tail rotor with ten metal blades (asymmetric blade spacing) and stator
Tail rotor gearbox cover
Tail rotor control system with flexball cable and single hydraulic booster
Digital 4-axis SAS (Stability Augmentation System)
Mast moment system


Turbomeca 2B2+ with fire detectors, FADEC, chip detectors/fuzz burn & training mode

Engine #1
S/N: 33123
TSN: 741
Cycles: N1-454 N2-1044

Engine #2
S/N: 33125
TSN: 741
Cycles: N1-441 N2-1038
    Flight Display Subsystem (FDS) composed of 3 smart multifunction displays (6 x 8 inch) providing the following functions
    - Flight & Navigation Display (FND) format (incl. PFD, FLI, Master List, NAV, RPM, mast moment & fuel indication)
    - Vehicle Management System (VMS) format (incl. Engine, gearbox, fuel, electrical system, RPM & clock indication)
    Vehicle Management System (VMS) including:
    - 2 duplex Aircraft Management Computer (AMC)
    Reference sensors
    - 3 Attitude and Heading Reference System
    - Air Data sensor pilot side (electrically heated pitot tube and static port)
    - 2 Magnetometers
    Standby instruments
    - Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI)
    - Standby compass

    Radar altimeter KRA 4058 (Honeywell)
    Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS) - Helionix
    Synthetic Vision System (SVS) - Helionix
    Additional Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
    Copilot pilot static system
    4-axis Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
    Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS) Alerts
    Vision 1000
  • Interior & Entertainment
    One-level cabin and cargo compartment floor with integrated rails
    Glazed canopy
    Two hinged cockpit doors with sliding window
    Map case in pilot’s door
    Two wide passenger sliding doors
    Two rear hinged clam-shell doors
    Longitudinally adjustable energy absorbing pilot and copilot seats with head rest and 4-point safety belts with automatic locking system
    Cabin boarding grips (LH and RH)
    Interior paneling with integrated basic sound insulation
    Flight controls for pilot side; fixed provisions of flight controls for copilot side
    Engine controls with manual engine back-up system at pilot’s collective pitch lever
    Instrument panel with extension and glare shield on pilot's side and slant console
    Ram-air and electrical ventilating system for cockpit and cabin
    Headset holder in the cockpit
    Headset holder in the cabin
    Portable fire extinguisher
    Stowage net for first aid kit at the LH rear clam-shell door
    Flash light (torch) for pilot side
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    General Equipment:
    - First aid kit
    - Engine fire extinguishing system
    - Fuzz burners for engines
    - Engine cowling heat protection
    - Engine compressor wash kit
    - Flashlight for copilot side
    - Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
    - Windshield wiper system
    - Center console
    - Avionics compartment
    - Copilot flight controls, detachable parts
    - Instrument panel extension on copilot side
    - Map case in copilot door
    - Map cases on instrument panel glare shield
    - Bleed air heating system
    - Battery (40 Ah, 24 VDC) ULM (Saft) instead of standard battery
    - Rotor brake system

    Specific Mission Equipment:
    - Search & landing light, fixed provisions
    - Search & landing light, detachable parts
    - Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

    Interior Layout:
    - Special interior painting

    Avionics (Solution):
    - Avionics Package DP IFR GC GTN 750
    - Digital Audio Control System (DACS), incl. ACP53 (Cobham), pilot
    - Transponder GTX 335R (Garmin) incl. ADS-B out
    - Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) DME-4000 (Rockwell Collins)
    - Marker beacon receiver MKR3300-1 (Becker)
    - GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), pilot
    - GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), copilot
    - Approach charts (IFR) georeferericed for GTN 750
    - Flight Display Subsystem (FDS), copilot
    - Avionics Package DP IFR GTN Series interconnection/ wiring

    General Equipment:
    - Full cover set
    - Complex exterior painting instead of standard painting
    - Surface protective coating (Airglaze)
    - Main rotor blade erosion protection paint
    - Boarding grips for cockpit - Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system
    - Corrosion protection for high corrosive environment
    - Tinted front windshields
    - Tinted windows in cockpit doors
    - Tinted windows in cabin incl. sliding windows in sliding doors
    - Air Conditioning System (ACS)
    - Internal long range fuel tank system, fixed provisions
    - Fuel management system (fuel flow meters)
    - Lashing points for wind speeds up to 40 kts, fixed provisions
    - Lashing points for wind speeds up to 40 kts, detachable parts
    - Lashing points for ship landings, fixed provisions
    - Lashing points for ship landings, detachable parts
    Specific Mission Equipment:
    - External multi-purpose camera on tail boom, fixed provisions
    - External multi-purpose camera on tail boom, detachable parts
    - 2 white strobe lights
    - Second search and landing Light
    - Emergency floats incl.
    - Emergency floats skids

    Interior layout (Solution):
    - Stylence®, 5 passengers, 1 cabinet, package (AAT - STC), 2018
    - Stylence height adjustable copilot seat instead of standard copilot
    - Stylence height adjustable pilot seat instead of standard pilot seat
    - Stylence front middle passenger seat
    - Stylence front passenger seats (2 seats)
    - Stylence rear passenger seats (2 seats)
    - 5 Stylence passenger seat protective cover
    - 2 Stylence pilot seat protective cover
    - Stylence armrest in rear window niches
    - Stylence entrance rails
    - Stylence carpet for cargo compartment
    - Stylence carpet for cabin
    - Stylence carpet for cockpit
    - Stylence leather cuffs for flight controls
    - Stylence rear cabinet with USS power socket
    - Stylence Passenger Service Units (PSU)
    - Stylence metal placards

    Interior layout:
    - Enhanced sound proofing kit
    - Separation wall for cabin / cargo compartment
    - One-hand latching system for clam-shell doors
    - Jettisonable cockpit doors
    - Map cases in sliding doors
    - Variable tie-down net
    - Retractable coat hooks in rear cabin (2 hooks)

    - Garmin Flight Stream 510
    - Iridium satellite transceiver GSR 56 (Garmin)
    - Color weather radar RDR 2000 (Honeywell), fixed provisions
    - Traffic Advisory System TAS620A (Avidyne), fixed provisions
    - Traffic Advisory System TAS620A (Avidyne), detachable parts
    - Moving map - Helionix
    - iPad Air Holder Copilot
    - iPad Air Holder Pilot
    - Headset electrical power supply (28VDC), fixed provisions
    - 7 Headset adapter cable crew GLENAIR/LEMO ANR
    - Electrical fixed provisions, 5 VDC, copilot
    - Electrical fixed provisions, 5 VDC, pilot

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