1981 Boeing 737 for sale, South Africa

Boeing 737 Exterior
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Boeing 737 Cabin
Boeing 737 Cabin
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Southern Africa, South Africa

Aircraft Description

Jet Connections is pleased to offer this VIP 737 – 200 Advanced for sale.

This aircraft was Originally acquired directly from Boeing in October 1981 as a B737-200 Advanced and registered under the Swiss flag; this aircraft underwent a VIP Completion process at Air Research Aviation in Long Beach, California. The modifications included installing a corporate interior accommodating 19 passengers and four flight attendants, along with auxiliary fuel tanks.

The finalization of the interior took place in November 1982, marking the commencement of its active service. Initially owned and operated by Petrolair System S.A. until 1997, the aircraft then transitioned into the possession of the renowned entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga. Subsequently, Jet Connections acquired it for a private owner, and in 2021, the aircraft changed hands once again for private use by its current owner.

Throughout its operational history, this aircraft has been exclusively dedicated to the private transportation of passengers, avoiding any involvement in public transport or charter services. Notably, it has undergone maintenance at prominent facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, following the Daniels Low Utilization maintenance program, and boasts a clean record with no reported damage.

The most recent major maintenance, covering C1, C2, and C3, occurred in 2018, and AD 6431 on Both Engines was completed on October 20, 2022. Presently, the aircraft is scheduled for C3 and CPCP maintenance.

In light of a change in the owner's circumstances and the aircraft's current location in South Africa for maintenance inspections, the strategic decision has been taken to offer the aircraft for sale in the market, presenting a unique and compelling opportunity for potential buyers.

The aircraft is offered for sale “AS IS WHERE IS”

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New Pininfarina Edition 19 passenger seats certified for take-off and landing No Expenses have been spared on this All New Custom Interior, including new wood, new plating, new entertainment system and completely new soft goods throughout. The interior has been tastefully appointed in neutral and elegant beige earthtones throughout. The Two Divan were Refurbished in 2014.


Right Engine: Serial Number - 702744B; Hours; 9452 Cycles 4974
Left Engine: Serial Number - 702757B; Hours, 9629 Cycles 5052




Max. taxi gross weight 128,600 lbs.
Max. take_off weight 128,100 lbs.
Max. flight weight (flaps 30 or 40) 108,000 lbs.
Max. landing weight 107,000 lbs.
Max. zero fuel weight 95,000 lbs.
Empty weight 74,304 lbs.
(Empty weight A.P.S. weight less crew weight)
Max. wing fuel (2x10,132) 20,264 lbs.
Max. centre tank fuel 16,344 lbs.
Max. aux. Fuel (2850 gal) 19,095 lbs.
Total fuel (7+8+9) 55,703 lbs.
Full fuel weight (l0)+(6) 127,418 lbs.
Full fuel payload (l)-(11) 1,182 lbs.
Maximum Payload (5)-(6) 23,285 lbs.
Full pax. Fuel 49,885 lbs.
  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Engine HSI completed, AD 6431 20 October 2022
    Last Major inspections “C3, C2, C1” Completed February 2018
    Current Due inspections C3


    ELT 95N6088 96-39-0034 406 MHz
    COMM COLLINS 822-1045-001 4743 8.33
    COMM COLLINS 822-1045-001 10968 8.33
    COMM COLLINS 822-1045-001 4743 8.33
    SELCAL MOTOROLA NA134D2 145454
    CVR SUNDSTRAND 980-6005-050 5442
    TAWS UNIVERSAL 3010-00-00 1040
    AIRSPEED 1 2083-09-1 145
    AIRSPEED 2 2083-09-1 422
    ALTIMETER 1 JG865C3 W-35
    ALTIMETER 2 JG865C3 O-27
    RADIO ALT 1 COLLINS 522-4825-001 3853
    RADIO ALT 2 COLLINS 522-4825-001 3839
    STDBY ALT WL102AM52 AG533
    ADC 1 HONEYWELL HG480B13 M1218
    ADC 2 HONEYWELL HG480B13 90112031
    HS I 1 722-5025-001 7F668
    HS I 2 722-5025-001 1H1557
    ADI 1 722-5005-005 J7425
    ADI 2 722-5005-005 6A240
    RMI 1 1784460-655 82016489
    RMI 2 1784460-655 9052508
    FLT STEER COMP 1 COLLINS 622-2500-004 82016489
    FLT STEER COMP 2 COLLINS 622-2500-004 9052508
    IRU 1 LITTON 463001-8100-0413 2534 LTN-92
    IRU 2 LITTON 463001-8180-0413 2538 LTN-92
    RADAR RT SPERRY MI585161 2118
    RADAR ANTENNA SPERRY MI585164-1 1950
    TAWS UNIVERSAL 965-0476-088 2959
    TCAS II HONEYWELL 066-50000-2220 8529 7.1 TPA-81A TCAS Process
    LOW RANGE RAD ALT 1 COLLINS 622-3890-114 1279
    LOW RANGE RAD ALT 2 COLLINS 622-3890-114 372
    DME 1 COLLINS 622-2921-002 5910
    DME 2 COLLINS 622-2921-002 5896
    VOR/ILS COLLINS 622-3257-001 2795

    VOR/ILS COLLINS 622-3257-001 2788
    ADF 1 COLLINS 777-1492-005 5250
    ADF2 COLLINS 777-1492-005 8087
    FMS UNIVERSAL 1017-41-211 952 UNS-1
    FDR SUNDSTRAND 980-4100-GOUS 4557 MEETS FAR 121.344 (b) (1)
    HF 1 COLLINS 622-3371-001 4084
    HF 2 COLLINS 622-3371-001 2395
    MARKER RCV COLLINS 522-2996-011 14298
    AIRSHOW 400 AIRSHOW 920050 1188
    MAGNASTAR MAGNASTAR 724855 0686 C-2000
    AIRCELL AIRCELL 401-11050-001 1105010074 ST3120
    ROLL CONTROL CMP SPERRY 2588812-904 06811399
    PITCH CONTROL CMP SPERRY 2588810-904 07801203
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    In addition to the usual equipment of the 737-200 advanced, this aircraft has the following:

    Twin, fully coupled (autopilot and flight director) Litton LTN72RL Inertial Navigation Systems with Navigation data base covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

    Single Universal UNS-1C Flight Management System.

    Auxiliary Fuel System of 2,800 US gallons, manufactured by PATS Inc. giving a still-air range of approximately 3,800 nautical miles with NBA I.F.R. reserves.

    Forward and rear cargo bay fire suppression system with automatic (infra-red or firewire) or manual discharge initiation giving cargo bay fire extinguishing with follow on “trickle” discharge for 2 hours 15 minutes (Halon level above 5%). Installation was completed in 1989.

    Ramp-guard aircraft ground Security system installed.

    Cold spare battery in stowage adjacent to main battery.

    Floor proximity escape-path markings in forward and aft passenger cabins installed in Nov 88.
    Allied Signal TCAS II Installation.
    Forward crew toilet with wash basin.

    Forward galley just aft of the cockpit equipped with coffee maker, ice box, drink stowages, etc.. Two flight attendant seats adjacent to the forward left hand main entry door.

    Forward stateroom seating five passengers in a two seat/three-place berthable divan layout. Couch folds down to become a bed. Stateroom has its own Entertainment System with VIP lavatory/washroom adjoining.
    Large forward cabin seating twelve passengers at two four-place dining tables and on two two-place couches. The forward end of the cabin features a refreshment cabinet and full entertainment center. (There are two DVD players with five monitors situated around the cabin which show either the boarding video, movies or the Airshow 400.)

    Large rear cabin seating ten passengers in two four-place groups around demountable folding tables and one two-place group with console table. This cabin features a large carry-on baggage stowage with folding internal shelves to allow the stowage of large items of baggage within the area. There are two large monitors in this cabin.

    Rear galley with coffee maker, espresso machine, convection oven, bread warmer, boiling water spigot, hot and cold water faucet serving twin stainless steel sinks, ample cutlery and crockery stowage, large work surfaces and stowages for eight airline tray carriers. Two flight attendant seats in this location.

    Rear full lavatory with full wash basin.


    The aircraft can fly approximately 3,800 nautical miles with NBAA reserves with full fuel, taking off at MTOW.
    Max. operating altitude 37,000 feet.
    Operating Temperature limits 130F to -100F. (Above 8300 ft. - 100.6F).
    Acoustical limit max. landing wt. 78,200 (Flaps 40).
    Boeing forward airstair.
    Internal locks on all exits (including r/h cockpit DV window) except forward left-hand passenger door which is externally lockable. Airstair operation is controlled by the same key.
    Extensive additional corrosion protection.
    Passive flame arrestors in the fuel tank vent system.
    Fuel level measuring sticks calibrated in pounds.
    First and second observers' seats (cockpit).

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