Hawker Jets for Sale

Today, while Textron Aviation-owned Beechcraft no longer produces business jets, the Hawker name still resonates in the Light Jet and Mid-Size Jet pre-owned aircraft markets with its 900XP, 850XP and 800XP models. 

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Hawker 4000

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Hawker 4000 Exterior
  • 8

Hawker 4000

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North America + Canada, United States - FL, For Sale by The Private Jet Company
  • Year 2011
  • S/N RC-52
  • Total Time 1880
• 1,880 Hours Total Time • Factory BPU & Load 20 Upgrades • Engines Enrolled on ESP • APU Enrolled on MSP • Dual HF • ATG-5000 WIFI • Make
new to market - ATG-5000 WIFI
Updated 07 Jan 2022

Hawker 800XP

Please call
  • 4

Hawker 800XP

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - MD, For Sale by Avpro Inc.
  • Year 1998
  • S/N 258382
  • Total Time 4126
• Two Owners Since New • Engines Enrolled on MSP Gold • EASA Equipped, Including: - Flight Data Recorder - 120 Minute Cockpit Voice
Two Owners Since New
Updated 17 Jun 2021

Hawker 800XP

Please call
  • 8

Hawker 800XP

Please call
West Africa, Nigeria, For Sale by Mesotis Jets
  • Year 1996
  • S/N 258312
  • Total Time 5480
• JSSI Engines (100%) • No damage history • Winglets Aircraft will be delivered with fresh E, F, G and Gear Overhaul
Aircraft delivered with fresh E,F,G
Updated 24 Nov 2021

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Suzanne Wahl, Coleman Jet Solutions, LLC

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Scott Ritchie, Managing Director at The Ritchie Group

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Tina Lindberg, Mansfield Heliflight
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Hawker 400XPR

Price: USD $4,595,000
  • 5

Hawker 400XPR

Price: USD $4,595,000
North America + Canada, United States - NY, For Sale by Best Jets Inc.
  • Year 2006
  • S/N RK-467
  • Total Time 5102
Updated 11 Jan 2022

Hawker 800XP

Price: €550,000 1/3 Fractional Ownership
  • 5

Hawker 800XP

Price: €550,000 1/3 Fractional Ownership
Europe, Switzerland
  • Year 2004
  • S/N -
  • Total Time 6905
FractionalJets.Com - Offer Only Available in EUROPE Why own 100% of a private jet when you might need and use
Updated 02 Aug 2021

Hawker Beechjet 400A

Price: USD $1,050,000
  • 3

Hawker Beechjet 400A

Price: USD $1,050,000
North America + Canada, United States - FL, For Sale by Berard Aviation
  • Year 2002
  • S/N RK-335
  • Total Time 2528
Updated 30 Apr 2021

Hawker 4000

Please call
  • 3

Hawker 4000

Please call
Southern Africa, South Africa, For Sale by Next Aviation (Pty) Ltd
  • Year 2011
  • S/N RC-56
  • Total Time 2425
Money Aviation a proudly presents this 2011 Hawker 4000 which is available for sale. This pristine business jet comes with eight double
Updated 02 Apr 2020

Hawker 800XP

Deal pending
  • 8

Hawker 800XP

Deal pending
North America + Canada, United States - TX, For Sale by ARC Aviation
  • Year 2005
  • S/N 258690
  • Total Time 7940
Updated 24 Oct 2021
  • 3

Hawker Beechjet 400A

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - OK, For Sale by Charlie Bravo Aviation
  • Year 2003
  • S/N RK-348
  • Total Time 6861
The aircraft is now undergoing the A,B,C and D check, engines are currently at Standard Aero being overhauled.
Updated 30 Nov 2021

Hawker 800XP

Hawker 800XP

Duncan Aviation

North America + Canada, United States - NE
Hawker 800XPs: Non-airworthy - Contact Tim Barber on +011 44 7836 352 676 if you have a non-airworthy Hawker 800XP

Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP


North America + Canada, United States - GA
- All options considered

Hawker 400XP

Now Sold
Southern Africa, South Africa, For Sale by National Airways Corporation
  • Year 2005
  • S/N RK-402
  • Total Time 1623
NAC proudly presents 2005 model Hawker 400XP, RK-402, available for immediate sale. Perfect for short to medium range travelling, powered by
Updated 22 Dec 2021
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FAQs: Hawker Jets for Sale

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Hawker Jets for sale
  • How much does a Hawker private jet Cost?

    A Hawker business jet costs between $5.0m for a 2012 model Mid-Size Hawker 900XP and $1.85m for a smaller 2010 model Hawker 400XP Light Jet, according to Aircraft Bluebook’s Winter 2021 data. Depending on the age and condition of an aircraft, buyers can purchase a used Hawker business jet for less. For example, Aircraft Bluebook’s Winter 2021 data shows that a 2004 model Hawker 400XP retails for approximately $1.25m, and an original 1986-model Hakwer Beechjet 400 retails for as little as $250k.

  • How many Hawker private jets are flying today?

    In December 2021 there were 1,494 Hawker business jets flying worldwide, per JETNET data. The Hawker 800XP has the largest in-operation fleet, with 392 of 426 units still in operation. At the time of writing, there had been 543 Hawker jet retirements.

  • How far can I fly on a Hawker private jet?

    Hawker private jets offer maximum ranges between 1,519nm (for the Hawker 400A/400XP) up to 3,445nm (for the Hawker 4000), according to Conklin & de Decker.

  • Which jets compete with Hawker private jet models?

    Several private jets compete with Hawker jet models, including various by Bombardier Learjet, Cessna and Embraer in the Light Jet category, and Bombardier Learjet, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream in the Mid-Size Jet category. For model-specific information, check out AvBuyer’s Jet Comparison articles.

Hawker Business Jets Overview

By Gerrard Cowan- Editor, Aircraft Reviews

Raytheon Aircraft produced Hawker business jets after the 1993 merger between Raytheon-owned Beech Aircraft and British Aerospace Corporate Jets. Raytheon later reintroduced distinct Hawker and Beechcraft brands, but in 2012 (under different ownership) Hawker Beechcraft Corp went bankrupt. Re-emerging as Beechcraft Corporation, Textron Aviation acquired the company, stopping jet production.

Hawker/Beechjet 400-Series

The history of Hawker jets began with the Beechjet 400, which evolved to the Hawker 400XP. Initially developed as the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, Beechcraft acquired the aircraft rights in the mid-1980s, with the model certified as the Beechjet 400 in 1986 and able to seat up to eight passengers.

There have been several upgrades since to that initial model. The Beechjet 400A (Beechjet 400B if delivered outside of the US), for example, offered longer range, greater take-off weights, and other improvements. And the Hawker 400XP upgrade provided an increased weight capacity and a nine-passenger seating option.

Hawker 800 Series

Meanwhile, in the Mid-Size jet arena, the Hawker 800 twinjet series was produced over a thirty-year period from the early 1980s, starting with the Hawker 800A (or Hawker 800B for models delivered outside of the US). The model was originally developed from the British Aerospace BAe 125, and could accommodate eight passengers. It offered a range of 2,580nm, and utilized two Honeywell TFE731-5R engines.

Subsequent upgrades were introduced over the years, including the Hawker 800SP, which saw winglets added, helping to increase range and speed slightly, and also offer better performance at hot and high airports.

Next, the Hawker 800XP offered increased payload and range capabilities with upgraded TFE731-5BR powerplants, and later 800XP models also included upgraded ProLine avionics. The Hawker 800XPi was introduced, and then the Hawker 800XPR with its engines upgraded to Honeywell’s TFE731-50R allowing for more range capability.

The Hawker 850XP, certified in 2006, brought a slight range improvement over the original 800XP, thanks to the inclusion of winglets – a modification that also helped improve climb performance.

Branching out from the base Hawker 800 design, the Hawker 750 is a spacious Mid-Size Jet with a sleek interior featuring stand-up headroom and a full refreshment center. Based on the Hawker 850XP model, a ventral fuel tank was replaced by an externally accessed baggage pannier, which also reduced the range by 500nm to around 2,200nm.

Meanwhile, the Hawker 900XP, powered by Honeywell TFE731-50BR engines, also derives from the Hawker 800 family, but the new engines give it a range of up to 2,930nm.

And finally, the 3,150nm-range Hawker 1000 was introduced as the intercontinental version of the Hawker 800 model. A fuselage stretch of almost three feet equates to a roomier cabin while allowing increased fuel capacity. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW305B engines, this model was also faster than previous Hawker models, with a faster climb.

Hawker’s Biggest Jet

Filling the Super Mid-Size Jet segment, the Hawker 4000 can carry eight passengers in its usual configuration. A stand-up cabin offered more space than all other Hawker models, and that was helped partially by its carbon composite construction. While offering more fuel capacity than its siblings, Pratt & Whitney PW308A engines powered the Hawker 4000 faster and further (3,445nm).

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