1973 Cessna 414 for sale, Switzerland

Cessna 414 Exterior
Cessna 414 Exterior
Cessna 414 Exterior
Cessna 414 Exterior
Cessna 414 Exterior
Cessna 414 Interior
Cessna 414 Interior
Cessna 414 Interior
Price: €345,000
Europe, Switzerland
4385 hours

Aircraft Description

Cessna 414 Garmin G600

Fantastic Cessna 414 RAM 7
Two 335 HP RAM Engines!
7 Seats
4 Bladed Propellers
Avionics upgrades
Extended range fuel tanks

Max Takeoff Weight: 6765 Lbs
Empty Weight: 4986.2 Lbs

Fuel Capacity: 338 US Gallons

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Airframe Serial Number: 414-0360
    Avionics and autopilot upgrade per EASA Mod. 0060029550-001

    PS Engineering PMA8000C Audio Panel, Intercom, Marker Beacon
    Garmin GNS530W NAV-COM-GPS, interfaced with Radar System
    Garmin GNS430W NAV-COM-GPS
    Garmin G-600, EASA STC.A.S.037679 (Garmin GDU620) with TAWS and Synthetic Vision, Radar Display
    King KI206 Number Two NAV Indicator
    King KX165A NAV-COM 3, 8.33 kHz

    S-TEC 55X Autopilot with Computerl, Transducer, Roll/Pitch/Trim Servos, Turn and Bank, Yaw Damper, FAA STC SA8890SW-D, LBA Validated

    Shadin Digidata-L with Fuel Flow Option grandfathered FAA STC SA00729SE-D

    King KN63 DME, displayed on Garmin G600
    King KR87 ADF displayed on Garmin G600
    Garmin GTX330 XPDR S Number 1
    Garmin GDC74A Encoder
    King KT73 XPDR S Number 2
    ACK A30.4 Encoder
    Garmin GWX68 Weather Radar displayed on Garmin G600
    King KRA10A Radar Altimeter
    Altitude Alerter integrated in the Garmin G600
    L-3 Sky 497 TAS System displayed on Garmin G600 and GArmin GNS530W, connected to ACK A-30.4 Encoder
    Artex ELT ME406, PN 453-6603, 406 Mhz
    Intercom for all Occupants

    EDM760 Engine Analyzer
    Astro Tec Digital Clock/Timer
    Complete Co-Pilot Instrument Panel
    ASR EPU6A5 Emergency Power Supply

    Attitude Gyro, Attitude Indiator, Vertical Speed Indicator, both Airspeed Indicators, Fuel Quantity Indicator, Manifold Pressure Indicator repaired by Avionitec on 20.09.2013

    Main Battery replaced on 20.09.2013

    Both Attitude Indicators and Tachometers repaired by Avionitec on 30.03.2015

    Radar Antenna GWX68 replaced on 02.11.2016

    HSI replaced on 14.12.2018
  • Interior & Entertainment
    7 Seats

    Light Blue Leather with Grey Carpet

    Courtesy Table
    Refreshments Cabinet

    Condition: 8/10
    White with blue and silver stripes. Condition: 8/10
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Propeller Synchrophaser

    Oxygen System

    Surface De-Ice
    Alcohol Windshield Anti-Ice

    Air Conditioning provisions, system not installed, two cabin blowers are operative!

    Releaf Tube
    Toilet Potty (Potty not available)

    RAM VII per FAA STC 09469SC-D, EASA STC 10038286 including STC SA3721SW, SE4651SW, SA7984SW-D and SA09469SC-D installed on 20.09.2013 at TT: 3912:10

    LH and RH Aft Wing Locker Tank FAA STC SA2514CE installed 20.09.2013
    Left Factory Nacelle Tank

    Dual Aft Body Strakes FAA STC SA01935LA, installed 30.03.2015

    ASR EPU6A5 Emergency Power Supply

    Vortex Generators

    Rosen Sun Visor FAA STC SA51NM

    LED Taxi Light


    20.09.2013 at TT: 3912:10
    Both Windshields Replaced
    Main Landing Gear Torque Tubes Replaced
    Avionics Upgrades

    22.02.2018 at TT: 4131:42:
    Combustion Heater replaced with new Hartzell Heater

    27.07.2018 at TT: 4171:41:
    Engine Beams inspection
    Engine Flex Hoses inspection
    Heater Inspection
    Fuel Selector Valve inspection
    Corrosion Program Inspections performed
    A-SID Zone 2 Inspection performed per Gomolzig STC EASA A.S.03328

    14.12.2018 at TT: 4183:48:
    Seat Belts overhaul by ASF Germany
    Oxygen Bottle overhaul
    Propeller overhaul by MT-Propeller

    Propeller Governors overhauled by MT-Propeller

    Empty Weight: 4986.2 Lbs
    Max Ramp Weight: 6800 Lbs
    MTOW: 6765 Lbs
    Max Landing Weight: 6430 Lbs
    Current FOCA MTOW: 2880 kg

    Nose Baggage Capacity 284 Lbs
    Rear Baggage Compartment Capacity: 100 Lbs

    338 USG Fuel Capacity
    Swiss Noise Class D
    Noise Level: 82.8 dB(A)

    Last 200 hrs annual inspection completed 14/04/2020 at 4294:40

    Engines run every two weeks

    ARC Airworthiness Review Inspection due
    Aircraft will be sold with current Annual Inspection and ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate)

    Engine Manufacturer: CONTINENTAL
    Model: TSIO-520-NB, 335 HP, Modified with RAM FAA STC SA4327SW-D

    Left Hand Serial Number: 813543-R
    Total Time: 2539:32
    TSOH: 473 hrs

    Right Hand Serial Number: 521667
    TSOH: 473 hrs

    TBO (in hours): 1600

    Overhauled in 2013, Installed in September 2013 at Aircraft TT: 3912:10

    Propellers Manufacturer: MT MTV-14-D-F/CF188-30g with CF188-30g Blades 4 Bladed, De-Iced, Swept Composite Blades with Propeller Synchro Phaser

    Manufactured in 2007
    TT: 474:49
    Time Since Overhaul: 201:12 Hours
    Propeller overhaul performed by MT-Propeller

    Specifications subject to verification by purchaser and aircraft subject to withdrawal from the sales at any time without notice

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