Meet Alcinda Pereira, AfBAA’s New Chair

Having been appointed Chair of the African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA), what does Alcinda Pereira have planned to take the association to the next level? Jane Stanbury spoke to her to find out what AfBAA members can expect…

Jane Stanbury  |  22nd August 2023
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    Jane Stanbury
    Jane Stanbury

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    Alcinda Pereira, new chair of AfBAA

    It has been just over ten years since the African Business Aviation Association was launched. During that time it has transformed the perception of the continent’s Business Aviation activity.

    Rather than being the last post for many aging aircraft, the continent is now seen as a viable center for operations, where leading OEMs actively sell their newest models and international operating standards are the norm.

    AfBAA has played a significant part in changing this perception. The vast continent’s Business Aviation Association acts as a single voice for its members, supporting the evolution of Business Aviation. Members are represented by stakeholders who share the vision of the potential for African Business Aviation.

    AfBAA has advanced the industry, created the opportunity for international companies to inwardly invest, and opened the eyes of the African Union to the benefits of Business Aviation. After much lobbying by its founder Tarek Ragheb and former Chief Executive Officer Rady Fahmy, AfBAA became the 15th member of IBAC in 2017.

    Achieving this status was a major turning point, strengthening its position on the global Business Aviation landscape.

    At this year’s annual European Business and Aviation Convention and Exhibition, Geneva, AfBAA chose its third Chair. For the first time, a woman was voted to take on the mantle of this prestigious title as Alcinda Pereira, Co-Founder of Angola’s Bestfly, was named for the role.

    For those lucky enough to have met Alcinda, they will know that this is a superb outcome for the Association. Alcinda has the drive, passion and vigour required to take AfBAA forward. But what does Alcinda have planned? What can members expect? And how will she take AfBAA to the next level? We caught up with her during a rare moment of business calm…

    AvBuyer Africa: As AfBAA Chair what do you consider to be your main responsibilities?

    Alcinda: Together with my fellow directors, as the AfBAA chair I’m responsible for the management of the Association’s business.

    We are here to ensure that the Association thrives and grows to provide a place for all members of aviation to network, gain information and promote each other.

    AvBuyer Africa:What are the primary goals and objectives you are setting for the association?

    Alcinda: My immediate goals as AfBAA Chair are to make the Association more relevant to its members and to ensure its financial sustainability while leaving a legacy for the future. We want to ensure its continuity as the “go-to” stakeholder for the Business and General Aviation industry on the continent.

    We are looking forward to working with different associations within the international aviation context and want to promote equality and fairness across the industry.

    [Ed - African Business Aviation has its distinct personality as the term embraces General Aviation too, with medevac, tourism, UAV aircraft, mining, oil and gas support, and advanced air mobility all falling within the AfBAA remit.]

    In 2018, AfBAA widened its remit to include both Business and General Aviation in Africa. This has significantly expanded and strengthened AfBAA’s footprint on the continent and has firmly positioned it as the official voice of Business and General Aviation in Africa. AfBAA wants to provide a platform for both individuals and companies wishing to contribute to aviation on the continent, by creating value.

    AfBAA will create a more appealing membership fee structure and increase business opportunities for every member while contributing to improving the safety and operational track record of the continent´s Business and General Aviation operations.

    AvBuyer Africa: What do you see as the Association’s main role within Business Aviation in Africa, and globally?

    Alcinda: The AfBAA vision is to establish Business Aviation as an asset that is recognized, valued and supported by governments, their respective Civil Aviation Authorities, enterprises, entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout Africa.

    The mission is to promote the understanding and benefits that Business Aviation provides for the continent’s economic development and prosperity through its unwavering commitment to the organization’s guiding principles, thus offering assistance and support to enterprises, entrepreneurs, business leaders, governments and their respective Civil Aviation Authorities.

    AvBuyer Africa:What are the specific strategies that you think will increase membership and development?

    Alcinda: I think that the way forward is to ensure that all members are kept informed about all aspects of aviation.

    Membership to AfBAA should be relevant to the members’ activity, and we are requesting members provide feedback on what they would like to receive as part of the Association. Growing membership is important, but for AfBAA ensuring that members are involved is even more so.

    [Alcinda sees AfBAA as an environment where - when members join - they can understand the value of AfBAA, promoting them internationally via social media and amongst members.]

    AfBAA is currently updating its website and from here we are looking at having a member’s portal attached to the website going forward. This will be a portal providing information amongst members by the members.

    AvBuyer Africa:How will you encourage more collaboration between members - is this important?

    Alcinda: Collaboration amongst members is very important and I know for a fact that AfBAA members all see this. Our cohort of professionals are willing to assist each other and guide each other in all aspects. They want to help each other succeed.

    Business Aviation in Africa is challenging, and pulling together serves all our needs well. Communication, events, and regular interaction are just some of the ways we’ll be encouraging our members to collaborate more. 

    AvBuyer Africa:What are the most important challenges that African Business Aviation is facing right now, and how will you lead the Association in resolving them?

    Alcinda: The current challenge that AfBAA faces is regrowing the membership and communication after Covid – to ensure that the association is kept relevant and that it keeps growing and empowering members to create a larger aviation community.

    I am the Chair to be a guide and representative for AfBAA’s members, promoting all members and ensuring AfBAA has a greater purpose.

    AvBuyer Africa:Are international members important to the association, and what plans do you have for raising AfBAA’s profile internationally?

    Alcinda: AfBAA currently has members based in Africa, Europe and the USA. All members are important as they provide a different dynamic and source of information to the association. We are currently focusing on making sure that on social media, we promote our members as well as AfBAA.

    [Ms. Pereira confirms that the association is currently in communication with different Civil Aviation Authorities and associations to work together going forward.]

    In Summary…

    Kurt Edwards, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Director General welcomes Alcinda’s appointment. “It is a pleasure to congratulate Alcinda on her election as Chair of the African Business Aviation Association,” he told AvBuyer Africa.

    “As the first woman to lead AfBAA, she joins other female Business Aviation association leaders around the world who proudly lead our industry. Under her leadership, the AfBAA team will continue to build on the Business and General Aviation foundation in the region, and the whole IBAC team looks forward to working with Ms. Pereira and the AfBAA membership to strengthen and grow our industry in Africa.”

    With a new Chair leading AfBAA, look out for a more prominent profile as Pereira is certain to take AfBAA to the next level.

    Learn more about AfBAA:

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