4 Key Benefits of Private Jet Ownership

Buying a private jet is unlike anything buyers who are new to the market will have experienced before. How can new buyers understand the benefits of private aviation and let those benefits shape their search? Tom Lelyo discusses...

Tom Lelyo  |  14th September 2023
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    Tom Lelyo
    Tom Lelyo

    From Youth Ministry to selling million dollar private jets, Tom Lelyo was the Top Producer in one of...

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    Four major benefits of owning a private jet

    When it comes to most high-end purchases, people have a frame of reference based on previous experience. In Real Estate, there’s not much difference between buying a $250,000 home and a $2,500,000 one. Similarly, buying an expensive car carries with it most of the same principles as buying your first ‘clunker’ to get from Point A to Point B.

    The problem with Business Aviation is that first-time buyers don’t have a frame of reference, except what they’ve seen in the movies and magazines. 

    Perhaps they have a friend who is connected to aviation. Or maybe they’ve dabbled in Business Aviation previously via charter or fractional ownership. But now the idea of purchasing your own jet for the first time appears a foreign concept, akin to changing your career and learning an entirely new profession.

    The biggest question buyers must answer is: ‘Where do I go for trusted information?’ Fortunately, you found this article to help...

    You’ll encounter many questions along the way, including how to find the right Jet and how to negotiate the right deal, all the way through to how to take delivery of your newly acquired asset, and where to source the right team to advise you from start to finish.

    Many buyers are surprised to discover that you can buy a jet for less than half a million dollars (and yes, it does fly!). But just because it appears cheaper, does that automatically make it the best choice? What do you get when you start going up in price?

    Buyers who dig a little deeper into the private aviation world quickly discover a wide array of options, including:

    • Jets that travel ultra-long distances versus jets that are best used for local trips (and a wide choice of aircraft suited for multiple mission profiles in between).
    • Small four-passenger jets versus large jets seating more than ten passengers (and a variety of seating capacities and arrangements in between).
    • Jets with stand-up cabins versus jets that you must sit down in with your luggage on your lap.
    • Jets that are efficient to maintain but are lower on performance versus jets that fly like rockets but cost a lot to perform at their optimal level.

    Four Key Benefits of Owning a Private Jet

    Before deciding which type(s) of aircraft you will shop for, you must understand why people use private jets in the first place to know which aspects are particularly important to your intended usage. The following represents the key advantages of private jet ownership:

    • Time-savings
    • Access to more destinations
    • Increased en route productivity
    • Enhanced privacy, safety and security

    1. Time-Savings:

    Private jets are the ultimate time machines. Consider how much time and energy is spent traveling for business aboard the airlines for example. Early arrival at the airport, security checks, flight cancelations, waiting for everyone to board, in-air delays, adverse weather, luggage pick-up – all of these can generate a long, drawn-out journey that could be better spent doing something else.

    And if you aren’t travelling to an airport served by the carrier directly, you will spend yet more unproductive time at an intermediary airport terminal waiting to board a connecting flight.

    When you own a private jet, you dictate the schedule. Check-in and security in a private terminal lasts little more than 10 minutes, after which you can board the plane for a direct flight to the destination of your choosing.

    It’s even possible to make multiple stops aboard a private jet in the same day (depending on the length of each leg), allowing for multiple site visits or meetings at several different destinations – a feat that could take the best part of a week to achieve with the airlines.

    2. Access to More Destinations: 

    Speaking of destinations, did you know that there are almost ten times more private airports that are available to private jets than are available to scheduled airlines?

    This means you are more likely to get closer to your ultimate destination, reducing the chance that you will need a lengthy drive from the airport, and allowing you more time to spend with clients, or sightseeing.

    3. Increased En Route Productivity:

    Saved time is also productive time aboard a private jet. Swapping the crowded, noisy cabin environment of an airline for the quiet, controlled environment of a business jet allows the passengers to focus on preparing for the meeting they’re traveling to, strategizing, and answering calls and emails in the office.

    This is largely thanks to the highly efficient In-Flight Connectivity equipment private jets tend to be equipped with these days, some of which give an airplane’s cabins the same efficiency as the office.

    If productivity is an important element of why you are considering buying a private jet, pay particular attention to how the cabin is equipped to facilitate your need. And, of course, comfort is a core value of a productive flight.

    Many airplanes come equipped with In-Flight Entertainment, and you have control over your cabin lighting and temperature.

    In the cabins of larger jets you can even fully recline seats to form sleeping berths if needed, all of which combines to ensure you arrive at your destination fully prepared, rested and ready to succeed.

    Ultimately, the larger the cabin of the aircraft you buy, the greater the capacity for an ideal balance of in-flight work, rest and play. However, the industry is producing increasingly clever solutions for the smaller cabins and airframes, many of which are available for retrofit on pre-owned jets.

    4. Enhanced Privacy, Safety and Security:

    Popular opinion says that the only people requiring privacy are celebrities, high profile dignitaries, or aspiring mile high club members. The reality is that everyone feels more comfortable in a familiar environment.

    In the privacy of a private jet, you control who you fly with, meaning sensitive business matters can be discussed en route among those you know and trust. But beyond the question of ‘who’ is traveling is the additional benefit of ‘what’ is being transported, too.

    From pets and proprietary products to personal affects that are better not left in the hands of gate attendants and baggage carriers, private aviation affords you the opportunity to keep your travel companions and luggage personal and private.

    Flying on a private jet, you also have control of the standard of maintenance of your jet and the training your pilots receive. From a safety perspective, this can be a comfort to many aircraft owners – particularly when the jet is used to carry the company’s leading executives and personnel.

    Every decision you make regarding your aircraft therefore becomes an investment in the safety and security of your travel.

    Identify the Benefits, Then Start Your Search!

    Depending on your intended usage, typical trip requirement and personal or professional circumstances, different benefits associated with owning a private jet will rank more highly than others, and this could impact the specific models you ought to be shopping for.

    Once you’ve drawn up a list of important benefits to you, discuss them with an experienced, trusted aircraft broker and, together, let the search begin.

    More information from www.theultimatejetguide.com

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