What Should Guide Your Aircraft Completion Choices

Buying a new jet? How can you get the interior choices right? Gulfstream Aerospace and Textron Aviation provide their tips to Rebecca Applegarth...

Rebecca Applegarth  |  06th December 2019
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    Rebecca Applegarth
    Rebecca Applegarth

    Rebecca Applegarth has been brought up around Aviation for as long as she can remember. As a current...

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    Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Cabin

    Thousands of choices face operators seeking to equip a new jet. With so many options, how can you get your aircraft interior right? Rebecca Applegarth asks Gulfstream and Textron for tips…
    A brand-new jet, fresh off the production line offers a blank canvas as it heads into the completion shop. So, where does an operator even begin on a cabin completion project?
    “The first question we ask is, ‘how will the aircraft be utilized?’,” Textron Aviation advises. “Everything else will fall into place from there.
    “Aircraft mission will ultimately tell the designer what materials will work best for the customer and their specific needs.”
    When thinking about mission profile, obvious questions might include how many passengers the cabin will accommodate, and the duration of a typical flight.
    Multiple aspects of the completion will be determined by the practical needs of each individual operator.
    Ultra-Long-Range Jets will require a more specific focus on the seating comfort/sleep facilities and practicality for the flight’s duration. Like Textron, Gulfstream suggests operators keep their typical mission in mind when selecting an interior, and regarding the selection of colors adds, “a soft palette works well for long-endurance flights.”
    Yet choosing the right interior is not entirely about the practical needs of the customer, Textron notes.
    “Customers [need] to love their interior. Some of that involves leading with their heart.” Being practical doesn’t mean the cabin cannot be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
     Cessna Citation Longitude Interior
    How to Select the Best Materials

    With so much choice in today’s aircraft interiors marketplace, deciding what’s most practical can be challenging. Once again, mission profile will play a role. For example, if the plan is to place the aircraft on a Part 135 charter certificate, hard-wearing materials are advised.
    For corporate or private operations, Gulfstream encourages clients to choose interior elements that reflect their personal and professional brands as well as the aesthetics that make them feel at home in their aircraft.
    In fact, Gulfstream’s Interior Design team works closely with clients to get to know them and their business needs, their design preferences and mission requirements before even moving to the materials selection process, ensuring they’re able to help them select the best materials for their operations and tastes.
    “Any aircraft can be personalized in any way a customer would like, as long as it can be certified for flight,” Gulfstream adds.
    Gulfstream G650 Interior
    Completion Elements Worth Splashing Out On

    While most aircraft completions are driven (to one degree or another) by cost, there are aspects that should never be scrimped on. According to Textron, “safety and comfort should never be compromised.”
    And while it’s always sensible to work within a budget, ultimately operators need to create an interior they – and the passengers who will utilize the jet most often – can be happy with for at least the mid-term future.
    “Bespoke, customized interior design is part of the Gulfstream ownership experience,” Gulfstream explains.
    “All the finishes, upholstery and furniture are tailored for each client out of one-of-a-kind materials, from the finest leather to exclusive carpeting and exotic veneers sourced from around the world.”
    Cabin Completions with Resale Value

    Of course, it’s important to keep the mid- to long-term in mind when planning your completion. Someday you are likely to sell your aircraft, so choosing an interior that has a wider appeal will benefit you.
    When buying a used jet, people will still be looking for the same amenities that you looked for, in order to meet their own travel needs.
    Textron advises that customers who are concerned with resale should consider the color pallet of the aircraft. “Typically, more timeless and neutral interior colors are popular with the general population,” the company observes.
    Cessna Citation M2 Interior
    But toning down the interior doesn’t have to mean not personalizing it at all. “Incorporating personal or professional design accents subtly into the overall interior scheme is beneficial for resale,” Gulfstream suggests.
    “That includes using brighter colors in ways that surprise and delight the passenger, such as the piping on the seats. Interior embellishments can be inlaid into the veneer of table-tops, to impress without overwhelming.”
    And Gulfstream again advises that operators should consider their mission requirements when thinking about resale. “Fabric inserts in the seating, for example, will not endure as long as leather inserts on aircraft that are used for ultra-long-range flights,” the company notes.
    “The breathability of perforated inserts is also ideal for passengers who sit for many hours at one time.”
    Get the Right Advice

    With so many contributing factors that can influence your choice of aircraft interior, you’re advised to seek the help of the aircraft manufacturer, an independent consultant, and the completion shop that will carry out the project.
    Their input will give you a fuller picture of the complexities and cost implications of your choices. With the right team, you will greatly enhance the chance of creating a cabin you’ll enjoy for years to come.
    More information from https://txtav.com or www.gulfstream.com

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