How Gogo is key to Erin Air Charter's Exceptional Customer Experience

Never underestimate the value of high-performing connectivity in the cabin of your airplane. In this video, learn how the customers of Erin Air Charter enjoy an exceptional flying experience with Gogo's AVANCE L3 connectivity solution.

AvBuyer  |  17th December 2021
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Fast and Reliable Gogo Wi-Fi creates an Exceptional In-Flight Experience

Passengers today expect to have fast, reliable in-flight internet. Why? Because it’s essential that today’s travelers can do what they want to do during flight: call and text, join an online meeting, or even live-stream a football game.

Watch this video to hear why Seattle-based charter operator Erin Air upgraded their entire fleet to Gogo AVANCE connectivity. AVANCE gives their passengers the Wi-Fi performance they want and lets their pilots and ground-based crew use Wi-Fi for real-time information and communication. All so Erin Air consistently delivers a great customer experience. 

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