Navigating the Aerospace Industry in 2020 and Beyond - AAC Webinar Ep 02

Join us on the second episode of Atlanta Aero Club's webinar where we learn a lot about Gulfstream President, Mark Burns and what Gulfstream has been up to in 2020 with Steve Champness, US Publisher of AvBuyer.

AvBuyer  |  13th November 2020
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In the second episode of the Atlanta Aero Club webinar, find out how Gulfstream have been navigating the recent changes in the aviation industry, discover what new advancements have been made with the release of the Gulfstream G700 and much more...

Gulfstream President, Mark Burns, shares how they have been navigating the recent changes in the aviation industry during this webinar with Steve Champness, President of Atlanta Aero Club and US Publisher of AvBuyer. Enjoy this engaging interview with Mr. Burn’s that covers a range of topics such as: Mark's 37-year history with the company, the changes Gulfstream have implemented during the COVID pandemic, how they have maintained business continuity, their recent customer service support initiatives, Gulfstream’s commitment to the environment and workforce development.

The Guest

Mark Burns President of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation has spent more than 35 years with Gulfstream, joining the organization in 1983 as a computer-aided design (CAD) operator. He then became involved in engineering for the GIV flight test program. He was named President of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in July 2015 after spending more than seven years as the leader of the company’s Customer Support organization. He also serves as a Vice President of Gulfstream’s parent company General Dynamics, a role he has held since February 2014.

Gulfstream has led the evolution of business and personal aviation since the 1958 debut of the Gulfstream I, the world’s first purpose-built business aircraft. Since then, Gulfstream has produced more than 2,900 of the most advanced business aircraft for customers around the world. Together with parent company General Dynamics, Gulfstream consistently invests in the future, dedicating resources to researching and developing innovative new aircraft, technologies and services.

Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Gulfstream manufactures large and ultra-large aircraft and is one of the largest employers in this region. The five-building campus maintains engineers and support staff integral to the engineering, manufacturing, testing and development of past, current, and future Gulfstream aircraft.

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