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How is Avidyne Breaking Ground in New Territory

How have Avidyne's recent software improvements for its IFD540 and IFD440 underlined the company's approach to making flying easier and safer, with more accessible information? Discover more here...

AvBuyer   |   23rd April 2018
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Avidyne Corporation recently announced certification of R10.2.1 software for its IFD540 and IFD440, as well as approval for their installation in Robinson R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters. The new software, for all its additional usefulness for helicopters, continues Avidyne's focus on providing information that is truly useful to pilots of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

Announcing the product at the recent HELI-EXPO in Las Vegas, Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn said, "R10.2.1 delivers product improvements for IFD customers flying any type of aircraft. We are especially excited to add helicopter enablement features that focus on the specific needs of helicopter operators." These features and improvements were well received.


Avidyne is well-known for its industry-leading integrated avionics systems, displays and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, but HELI-EXPO marked the first time the company unveiled a product specifically for helicopters.

Of particular use to helicopter pilots are the additional modifications of the MapMx interface to support more than 31 waypoints, and, in answer to Avidyne's customer research and response, a way to allow fuel range ring time to be configurable.

Further addressing helicopter operators' specific needs, pilots flying with the IFD540 or IFD440 and the new R10.2.1 software will have easy access to heliports, helicopter SID/STAR/ Approaches, VFR waypoints, AWIS frequencies on the frequency list, and helicopter 'ownship' on Map and Synthetic Vision displays.

IFD540 for Helicopter Pilots

Of Particular Interest to European Flyers...

Avidyne’s new R10.2.1 software includes VFR Reporting Points, operation on 8.33khz, and an EASA AML STC that exploits the plug-and-play, slideout/slide-in replacement in existing racks that previously housed legacy GNS430/530 units.

Avidyne's new IFD550 features synthetic vision, and an attitude determination system is incorporated into this GPS navigator and communications unit, with its hybrid-touch user interface that incorporates touch, plus knobs and buttons for easier operation through all phases of flight.

Additional enhancements include improved support for Avidyne's GTX345 ADS-B interface.

All IFDs also provide remote COM channel increment and frequency transfer capabilities, which are particularly helpful in the high-workload operating environments. Operators who upgrade to these IFDs also have the option to add Wi-Fi connectivity with Avidyne’s IFD100 (an iPad-based version of the panel-mounted IFDs).

The IFD100 provides independent, large-screen display and control of the panel-mounted system and provides a large-screen 3D synthetic vision view for improved situational awareness.

Avidyne IFD100 Device

Pricing and Availability

R10.2.1 software is currently shipping with all new IFD units and is available for download through Avidyne dealers as a field upgrade. R10.2.1 is available from Avidyne at no charge. Helicopter Enablement is a $499 option. (Pricing does not include any labour charges.)

Schwinn said in an interview, “Helicopter operators are finding out what many of our fixed-wing customers already know, and that is what sets Avidyne apart - the company's focus on ease of use. We are the leader in pilot-centric avionics."

More information from: www.avidyne.com/heli

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