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New Garmin Avionics Announcements

Garmin has announced various new avionics products upgrades and improvements, including approval to use the G5 as an aircraft’s DG/HSI, and an upgrade path for first generation G3X Touch glass flight display users…

AvBuyer   |   3rd May 2017
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G5 EFI: Comprising a bright, 3.5-inch sunlight-readable liquid crystal display (LCD), the G5 Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) has been approved for installation in place of an aircraft’s existing DG/HSI via a Garmin-held STX for hundreds of certified fixed-wing aircraft models.

Utilizing the new cost-effective magnetometer, the G5 electronic flight instrument displays magnetic heading. A dedicated rotary knob allows pilots to easily select and adjust course and make heading bug selections.

Suitable for installation in place of a standard 3-1/8-inch flight instrument, the G5 measures three inches in depth with the back-up battery so it can easily be integrated. The G5 EFI is also approved for flight under VFR and IFR conditions, offering an economical upgrade for thousands of aircraft owners.

G3X Display: Meanwhile, the new seven-inch G3X Touch portrait display for first generation G3X customers offers an easy upgrade path as the existing footprint is easily adaptable to the new display and includes all of the same features as the popular G3X Touch 10.6-inch and seven-inch landscape displays.

The seven-inch portrait display can be used as a primary flight display (PFD) or multi-function display (MFD) when paired with multiple G3X Touch displays or as a single standalone screen comprising of a combination PFD/MFD.

Builder-Friendly GMU 11: Utilizing Garmin’s new GMU 11 magnetometer aircraft builders can incorporate this economical solution to integrate with G3X Touch or the G5 electronic flight instrument to display magnetic heading. The GMU 11 is smaller, lighter and can be mounted in multiple directions for easier installation.

For aircraft with more than one G3X Touch display or G5 electronic flight instrument, a single GMU 11 magnetometer is capable of supplying magnetic heading to more than one display simultaneously.

More Information from: www.garmin.com

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